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Discussion in 'Travel Tips & Advice' started by Kirschy, May 24, 2004.

  1. Kirschy

    Kirschy Member

    We are going to Prague in late Oct 2004

    what highlights can you advise for us 30 somethings...... THAT DON'T INCLUDE THE CASTLE OR MUSUEMS!!!

    I have heard of the Joshua tree night club, will that be happening in oct/nov?
  2. ondrejana

    ondrejana Well-Known Member

    I would definitely recommend a climb up the very many steps of the Klementinum astronomical tower, to see how the Catholic monastery operated and how they told time. The sweeping view of the city from right in the center of Stare Mesto was a heady sight. And to view the library inside was breathtaking as well.

    Another thing that I would recommend is maybe trying a boat tour on the Vltava...something novel. though we opted not to do it, it seemed to be a very popular thing among tourists. You can dine and also have a boat cruise up/down the Vltava for a reasonable enough price.

    There are various clubs throughout Stare Mesto, if this is what you're primarily interested in. I recall one off Zelezna right across from Ovocny Trh, and of course, the really visible one from the east end of the Bridge. Vejvodova had another club that I remember, with a humungous bar.

  3. hockeygirl_leafs07

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    Well if you're not going to see any of their magnificent castles, museums, cathedrals, or anything then you might as well stay at home. You're going all the way to Europe for some nightclubs? They don't have any in Australia?
  4. Kirschy

    Kirschy Member

    We just got the latest edition of Lonelyplanet Best of Prague!!

    very enlighting

    and of course we are seeing the castles, gallieries and museums

    we want to find out about the local " in " things

    we are thinking of staying at the Hotel Imperial

    can you advise of a better hotel for the same price?
  5. metric

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  6. Eva2

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    If there are adrenalin junkies among you, try tandem skydiving near Prague (their slogan is The Best Way to Know Prague is at 200 Miles an Hour"). Their website is at :


    Have fun,
  7. Kirschy

    Kirschy Member

    \Thank you for for your help will buy you a beer in the old town in Oct ??!!!

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