We English survived the Prague weather - just !!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Travel Tips & Advice' started by Tricia, Mar 7, 2005.

  1. Tricia

    Tricia Member

    I posted a question prior to our 4 day visit to Prague, strange question it was - "how cold does -7 feel" as here in the NW of England our winters are usually mild. Well this may help any Brits visiting Prague for the first time. We landed in Prague last Monday and the temperature was -10. Whilst walking around, I wore hat, scarf 2 pairs of thermal gloves, tights socks, thermal underwear, thick polo neck jumper and was still affected by the cold. From about day 2 I started having problems with the front of my legs and feet, I don't know what the medical condition is, may be chilblains or wind burn. They were really red and dry skin and itched so much that I am left with lots of areas that have bled. So on my next visit I will be really prepared !

    Whilst waiting at the airport for the flight home, it was amazing to see lots of young British lads getting off the plane with short sleeve cotton shirts and no coats on. I hate to think what condition they will be in now !

    We found Prague to be an amazing place there is so much to see, transportation is brilliant, hopping on and off trams and Metros without any difficulties. I found the Czech people to be very courteous, waiting at tram stops, young men stepping aside to let me board first - how Britain use to be 20 years ago.

    We are looking forward to our next visit sometime soon - I hope
  2. Harry

    Harry Active Member

    Glad you enjoyed it; but why on earth did you go at this time of year? My preference is for the summer :lol:

  3. evian

    evian Well-Known Member

    Thank you very much for your 'weather report'. This is very useful for me as I will be visiting Prague in December of 2006. The winter weather being one of my major concerns, considering the average temperature in Brisbane, Australia winter is about 20C. I visited York, UK on a house swap for 2 months in July/August last year..... and I found it to be substantially cold :wink: I'd hate to think what it would be like in winter....particularly if CR is much colder.
  4. Tricia

    Tricia Member

    Hi Harry,

    Our visit to Prague was booked about 10 days before we went, got a really good deal with BMI Baby and 3 nights at a 4* hotel. We flew out 6.40 am pre booked a taxi and we were in the hotel room 3 hours later, it was brilliant allowing us to check into the hotel so early.We flew home 8.30 pm so in fact we had 4 full days. Our next visit will be in warmer weather but to see Prague covered in snow was very picturesque.

  5. probinso

    probinso Member

    Oddly enough, your description fails to mention a coat. Do they not sell them in England? Here in Colorado we find them handy, and I noticed in December that most Czechs wear them too. :D

    I did OK in Prague with a warm coat, hat, sweater, jeans, gloves and a nice pair of boots.

    Perhaps your leg problem was chafing from all those layers. I hope you are feeling better!
  6. Tricia

    Tricia Member


    Thanks for your response. Thats where I went wrong, forgetting to put my coat on !!!!!!!!!

    My legs are slowly recovering they were a major problem - not just chaffing !! The last time I had this problem was in NYC in winter with the severe artic winds the wind chill was about the same as Prague.

    Good job we are off to Nuweiba on the Red Sea in 2 weeks time to recover - the temperature there today was in the 90's 8)


  7. probinso

    probinso Member

    mmmmm. . . Red Sea sounds nice. It is snowing here.

    All kidding aside, I have to put moisturizing lotion on my skin all winter here in Colorado or I would end up with the same problem. The other thing that can help is long underwear made of silk (seriously!). Some of the soft synthetics (polypro and the like) are good too, but I still like the silk ones best.
  8. Eva2

    Eva2 Well-Known Member

    Silk long johns, for both men and women - the best barrier against cold! You can get them at mountaneer's equipment shops or ski shops. Long-sleeved undershirts are also available.


    England in winter is not a picnic either. I once spent Christmas in London and although it was barely under zero, I shivered in my winter coat. It's the high humidity.
  9. Tricia

    Tricia Member


    I think we have been lucky with the weather this winter. I live in the North west of England near Liverpool, in the county of Cheshire. Over the last couple of weeks the south and south east of England has had lots of snow -( well for England it was lots) and the country nearly stopped - schools closed, people stayed at home and never went to work. In Canadian terms it was a few snow flakes !
  10. cheneyfox

    cheneyfox New Member

    I am leaving in a couple of hours for Prague and Ostrava and after reading the posts I don't think I own enough warm cloths! I tried to shop for warmer clothes but in Texas it can be hard to find warm stuff. I guess I will have to make the best of it!

  11. Dana

    Dana Well-Known Member

    The temperatures are finally supposed to be above freezing this coming week, so let's hope we're done with the sub-zeros!

    By the way, I'll never forget the terrible experience I had with the weather in London a few years ago. It was the beginning of June, I was flying from Prague to the U.S. via London and decided to spend a couple of days in London on the way. The weather in Prague was very pleasant then, sunny and about 20 Celsius I think. Well, London was a shock! It was bitterly cold, windy and rainy, I remember some locals even wore scarves! I wasn't prepared for such weather in June and didn't have the proper clothes. I was freezing all the time, outside, in the hotel... I basically spent the time trying to hide from the cold in museums, movie theaters, Internet cafes... I arrived in the U.S. with a bad cold and a throat infection. So, the point of my story is that 1) unless you're going to the tropics, you shouldn't assume that you'll have a certain kind of weather on your trip, and 2) Prague doesn't always have to be the coldest place. :)
  12. Carmilie

    Carmilie Member

    to cheneyfox

    I'm in TX too. Where do you live? Maybe I can help.
  13. Sova

    Sova Well-Known Member


    How does 107 inches (abt. 265 cm) of snow to date for the season strike you? That's been our (rather typical) winter here in Rochester.

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