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    Hi everyone...

    Can someone confirm if the weekly Metro Pass mentioned at http://www.myczechrepublic.com/prague/t ... fares.html is valid on metro, tram and busses for unlimited rides during that week?

    Also, please correct me if I am wrong.. but it appears that ALL public transport STOPS at midnight.. and taxis are a rip off... What is tehbest way to commute after midnight in Prague?

    Thanks... :D
  2. MK

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    Yes, it is valid inside zones "P" and "0" (all Prague) for 168 hours since validation time (there are a validation machines in metro stations and in each bus or tram which print time and date on ticket) in city buses, metro and trams and in some rails. You can find more info on : www.ropid.cz or www.dpp.cz

    Only metro stops operating at midnight. Night buses and trams operate during all night.

    It is absolutely not recommended to pick taxi on the street, if you do so then you will be surely overcharged. If you are able to use phone to call a taxi company then you will avoid (or at least vastly minimize) any rip off. List of largest taxi companies is in Transpotation section of this web.
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    Thanks a lot MK... :D

    I read this: "Another important point to remember is that you have to stamp your ticket with time and date for every ride. It’s not enough to carry around an unstamped ticket."

    Do you have to stamp (I assume this is the same as validate) the WEEKLY pass every single time you get aboard a tram, a buss or a Metro? or do you have to validate a WEEKLY pass ONCE beforee the first use and enjoy riding freely for a week?

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    Right, only once.
  5. GuyFullaLove

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    Thanks my friend... :D

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