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    I hope you have read my posting called BAD ATTITUDE – CON’s - -POLICE

    You should read that first.

    Now I have told you about the bad things in Prague, let me tell you about the GOOD things. :D :lol: 8)

    If you have not booked a hotel before you go you are asking for trouble, we arrived without a solid reservation in hand and ended up staying at the Hilton 5*. Although the idea was to have a short break (cheap) that went out of the window as we could not find for love or money a hotel with available rooms.

    HOTEL HILTON: even if you are not staying there go and have a look and drink or a bite to eat. The interior of the hotel is breath taking and despite it being 5* the prices are not that bad. The service at the hotel was five star very friendly and tentative staff.

    FOOD: Yum Yum, be adventurous and try local dishes here are my recommendation and I do not offer these lightly. The service may not be the best but the food makes up for it.

    Recommendation 1: “U Supa”, this restaurant is on the same stretch as the camera shop with bad attitude . Try the Spare Ribs if you are hungry they are massive. Also we had Peppered Steak (medium – well) the meat is quality and melts in your mouth, on two nights and a total of four steaks results 10 out of 10. (service?) this is one of those posh restaurants but the price left all of us with our mouths open we had 3 x glasses of wine 6 or 9 x beers meals and it cost around 1,100 crowns

    Recommendation 2: Needle House, NICE

    Recommendation 3: Celnice near the Jewish Graveyard but excellent Pasta dishes, traditional golash and bread filled with things. Go place to hang out and have a nice long cool beer.


    Night time: want a place to go have a drink but not be pushed and shoved around then go to Klub Lavka it is overlooking the river and has a massive open air terrace out the back (there are podium dancers in the bar but it’s not the seedy type just a couple of them)

    If you want to know more about the Adult entertainment please read my posting Adults only

    Bye for now
  2. magan

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    U Supa. Is price quoted for (how many) dinners + drinks? I have to take my visitors for nice dinner and I am looking for something not too expensive, but good food and most of all an interesting decor. How does it look inside?
  3. pengpeng

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    “U Supa”, is it cheap or expensive? I don't quite understand.
  4. magan

    magan Well-Known Member

    I would say expensive. Read other write ups in Food/Drink section.

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