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Discussion in 'Culture' started by Nitra, Aug 17, 2004.

  1. Nitra

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    Disclaimer: Please do not think what I am about to say is racist; i'm simply speculating on things that I've heard!

    I'll be visiting Prague within the next fortnight, and I'm very excited. HOWEVER, I've heard a mixture of good and bad things about the people. Some say they're really friendly, whilst others say they're exactly the opposite and that they really hate foreigners and tourists. Please don't be offended if you're from Prague, OK!

    I guess that to an extent it's only the way you look at it, and also that Prague is just another big city and all city's have that sort of hostile - or defensive - mentality. I know London and Amsterdam certainly do!

    I'm not one of the Piss Up crowd who gets drunk and rowdy. I'm not someone who flashes their money about (namely because I have none, LOL!). I'm not someone who demands to be spoken to in English, or who complains alot. Heck, I don't even own a camera (even a camera phone), because for me it's unneccesary. I try not to behave like a tourist (in that I'm not bossy, ignorant or rude).

    But at the end of the day I really, really don't want to form preconceptions, so I'll try to go with an open mind! I've always wanted to visit the Czech Republic (no, NOT just Prague) so I hope I'll enjoy my visit there!
  2. Eva2

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    Hi Nitra!

    Please go to Home page and click on Your Czech Republic. Read what other visitors have to say about their trip to CR. Bon voyage!
  3. amraam_7

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    I'm from Prague and I think that your fear is really unnecessary. Personally, the only thing that can really piss me off about tourists - when they shout and scream in the night, and believe me, I have seen quite a few groups of drunk english/german speaking guys making a mess in the city centre. But flashing money? Using cameras? Noone can have a problem with these things.

    It just depends on the people you encounter. I hope you'll meet only nice ones :)

    Enjoy your visit to the Czech Republic!
  4. Nitra

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    Cheers :)

    Amraam if you're free to show me around i'm sure i'd have a VERY good time, LOL!! :wink: Oops i forgot, this isn't a dating forum LOL!
  5. Karel

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    Nitra, didn`t you write "And please, NO ROMANTIC ADVANCES and/or OFFERS TO BUY TIMESHARES, lol"?

    Seems to me that carnal appetites have aroused a bit too early to what I would`ve expected :D. You know what, I love the English-speaking world. Initially, you`re told "You can buy me a drink but I`m not gonna sleep with you" and next thing you know, you`ve come down with the flu. hihi :D

    Have fun!
  6. Nitra

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    Ano, ale I only said I didn't want any romantic advances towards ME, heheh :wink: Didn't say I couldn't make 'em :wink: :D Heheheheh
  7. Bret

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    I visited Praha this summer and was treated nicely everywhere I went. I'm sure people get tired of tourists (wouldn't you hate to live somewhere close to Disney World or a tourist attraction), but I had no negative experiences at all. In fact, the people of the Czech were much friendlier and helpful than I imagine Americans would be to foreign tourists visiting the US.

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