What do Czechs really think about American women?

Discussion in 'Culture' started by cechofil, Jan 3, 2005.

  1. yotes_hockey

    yotes_hockey Member

    Well, I have a surprise for you. Hockey players are no geniuses. If you decide to go out with someone whose IQ is an order of magnitude lower than yours, you better be prepared to play dumb.[/quote][/quote]

    Obviously, you live your life by staggering generalizations about people. I have many friends who are hockey players that are not stupid. We have gone to art galleries and muesuems, we have candid discussion about politics. I'll admit it, I am young and am not looking to settle down anytime in the near future. I am not looking for Stephen Hawking on skates! I want someone who is attractive and that I would be able to have fun with. But no, that is so shallow of me right?
  2. brigitte

    brigitte Well-Known Member

    In the UK the idea is to bag a footballer. I am not particularly interested in footballers in general, the only one I like is Baros - and my chances of getting a date with him are absolutely zilch!! :lol: I'm old enough to be his mother.......

    Seriously though, footballers seem to be THE thing to have on your arm, preferably a Premiership one! Again it is a situation based on image. What LOOKS good. The footballers wife image is a very popular one here, but not one I like too much. I couldn't hack it! I like a more down to earth lifestyle, not one based on material posessions and being a lady who lunches and shops!

    Bit of a redneck, me..... :wink:
  3. paulthevol

    paulthevol Active Member

    Cechofil (or whatever your name is),

    I'm not worried about peaking the interest of TS; it's Brigitte that worries me. I’ve never heard such public persecution of a man for attempting to start a dialogue with her. Anyway, back to our discussion. In my opinion, provocative conversation is better suited for email or private messaging. I must say that your past posts and correspondence has stimulated an interest in me. I now have a desire for higher learning and a more comprehensive understanding of your other philosophies. However, lets keep our American traits to ourselves.

    Hmmm….. is a broad thought, to wonder what someone is really like. To be interested!

    To Julia,

    I hope my comments to Brigitte earlier in the post did not offend you greatly. I hold your opinions in high regard and your comments always seem to be very intelligent.

  4. cechofil

    cechofil Well-Known Member

    Paul, I knew your name was familiar...

    " I have started developing feelings for this girl"
    " I think about this girl all the time,"
    "I don't have a problem with any of her plans and I can't wait to see her,"
    "I am optimistic about a future with her"

    What about your little Czech friend? I could not live with myself were I to come between the two of you. I do not need thrill from conquest. Have had more than my share of thrills. Hmmm... for three is not what I had in mind. Conversation has been provocative but I believe that you are already otherwise engaged. Best of luck with that!
  5. paulthevol

    paulthevol Active Member

    :lol: I figured you'd catch all of that!! Oh well, at least you didn't berate me for the attempt. What can I say, I was attracted by your proclaimed beauty and intelligence. We can still be allies against those who need their ill opinions reformed.

    I also went back and read all of your post. What are some of your other dream destinations? I was considering Phuket Thailand for vacation this year, but there may not be much left to see.

  6. brigitte

    brigitte Well-Known Member

    I suppose by that you meant me. Not that it bothers me - you have your opinion, I have mine. Public persecution it is not - I stand by everything I have said and if you have a problem with my posts, sorry, but I have stated my reasons for putting on the boards what I did, and if you cannot accept my reasons, then so be it. I do not frankly give a monkeys.

    For the record, I am autistic, and have had to develop a very thick skin over the years. Being a female with autism, you kinda learn to stand up for yourself a great deal more than most. Paul, you are obviously worried by me, and have said so. Calling me a bitch on a message board is no better than what you consider offensive from my side. You have a problem with me, fair enough - but you are no better in your posts denouncing me! Yes, private messaging and emails are the best way for provocative conversation, but if someone feels that something should be aired publicly, then they have every right to do so, even if it does cause a bit of ill feeling.

    This subject is getting exhausted now - it is taking over the thread. It is best consigned to history, where it belongs. It isn't fair on other members of the board to be constantly seeing this argument. Peoples opinions have been aired, now it is time to move on.
  7. iluvuma1

    iluvuma1 Well-Known Member

    No problem, Paul-

    This is controversial subject matter- and I am not easily offended:) I enjoy your posts, as well. We seem to be in similar situations and I'm glad my American perception of my relationship with a Czech has been helpful to you.
    You have to keep us informed of what happens when your ladyfriend arrives in the states...

    Best Regards,
  8. cechofil

    cechofil Well-Known Member

    No Paul, I don't berate a man for trying. In fact, I enjoyed your attempts. I also noticed you were in Prague in October. I hope that you had as good a time as I did. I too, had considered Thailand for this year but think it will remain on back burner in lieu of recent catalysmic meteorogical conditions. I have thought of a return to Greece as I never made it to the islands and also have Scandinavia rolling around in back of my mind as it could be interesting to explore heritage. Yes, an alliance could be a good thing of sorts and maybe even be a patriotic duty. :lol:
  9. paulthevol

    paulthevol Active Member

    Good Morning Brigitte,

    I honestly was not thinking about you in any manner with my last post. However, I am ready for our little ordeal to be over with. As you said, you have your opinions and I have mine. We don't have to agree but I would rather get along. I did take a shot at you this morning, but I'll give it up if we can agree to a truce. :) How about we start over on friendly terms?? The next time I disagree with you, I'll try and be more tactful.


    I have read all of your post with great interest, as we do seem to be running a parallel path. I'll let you know how everything goes with her and I'm sure that questions will arise once we get to that point. She sent me a very sweet Christmas card, which really meant a lot to me. I’m still confused by her intentions, but I am patient and I will learn soon enough. Luckily for me, her spoken and written English is very good and communication is fairly easy.


    Can you at least supply some sort of an actual name so that the conversation has somewhat of a personal feel to it? Also, please explain “Cechofil” as I am very curious about it’s meaning.

    I’ve got to get some work done some time today

  10. brigitte

    brigitte Well-Known Member

    Paul, I agree. I am happy to start afresh. It has gone far enough now, and I know I can be very outspoken, but I am happy to let bygones be bygones!


    Brigitte. :)
  11. cechofil

    cechofil Well-Known Member

    Hi Paul. Yes, I suppose that cechofil sounds a bit impersonal but as brigette might agree, it's a scary world out there and sometimes a girl feels the need to take precautions. Also, I have to admit that I am a virgin to chat rooms. This is the very first time that I have been to one. Although I feel very fortunate to have found my way to this group I still have an illogical paranoia about someone being able to stalk me by web, if you will. You asked for the meaning of cechofil Paul. It was formulated by my desire to proclaim affection for all things Czech, particularly the people. Although, I did hear, "Sweet Home Alabama" in the car today and did not change the station. Hmmm....somethings do get under your skin. Back to your question, though. The first syllable is intended to be, "čech" (or variation of Czech) and the second syllable, "fil" is a spelling alteration for "phile", borrowed from the Greek suffix meaning, "to be a lover of something". But Paul, you can call me Miss cechofil. Initially, I was using my first name and city of origin but grew uncomfortable with some of the attention this post was getting. Maybe I will reveal again in the future but I am still feeling bashful now. Bye now.
  12. paulthevol

    paulthevol Active Member

    A chat room?? I thought we were part of a discussion forum? It sounds better anyway!

    This is just too funny not have a full understanding of your meaning. I think it’s hilarious that you obviously endured that song because you knew I lived in Alabama. And the fact that you mentioned even hearing the song, HMMM……?? I hope hearing it made you smile (even laugh) and think about our conversations. It almost seems like sweet retribution for my ill fated attempts. Now, what I need to understand is what you meant by “some things do get under your skin”??? I can interpret this at least two ways, maybe three if I try harder. Can you help? Will you help?

    I swear, I almost spit a fine cabernet all over my monitor when I read that!! :lol:
  13. cechofil

    cechofil Well-Known Member

    A chat room?? I thought we were part of a discussion forum.

    Okay Paul, you got me. I've obviously never been to one of those chat room thingy's, either. I always seem to have ample interactions with people in the physical realm and had no desire to look in cyber arena. But when cupid shot a little arrow in guise of a Czech e-mail that I could not translate, I searched for help and here I am. And yes, hearing that song made me smile. I tried hard to resist but couldn't. Maybe southern boys do have their charms. Sorry, but I am afraid I had better take "the fifth" on this last one. If only I were Bill Clinton, I would just go round and round with you on the meaning of the word "some" and never get to the truth at hand...
  14. cechofil

    cechofil Well-Known Member

    Paul, I am afraid we must stay on thread (or is that needle?) of topic at hand or risk censure from the board. Besides, we wouldn't want to lose all gains made during sworn alliance to elevate the image of Americans around the planet, right?
  15. paulthevol

    paulthevol Active Member

    Your so bad!!!! You've got to stop!! :shock: :shock:

    But hey, :wink:
  16. cechofil

    cechofil Well-Known Member

    your'e right. :wink:

    Changes made. I cite post-op pain meds for over exuberance. :oops:
  17. paulthevol

    paulthevol Active Member

    Name unknown,

    You are a riot! See, you should have just emailed me when you had a chance. However, I wouldn't be to embarrassed if I were you, you did get it edited; not that it was all that bad in the first place. Bashful, I don't believe it! Cautious, maybe? Intriguing, I think so!

    Big wheels keep on turning
    Carry me home to see my kin
    Singing songs about the Southland
    I miss Alabamy once again
    And I think its a sin

    Sweet home Alabama
    Where the skies are so blue
    Sweet Home Alabama
    Lord, I'm coming home to you

    Enjoy the day!!

  18. cechofil

    cechofil Well-Known Member

    Paul darling,
    Your sweet refrain will be haunting me all day...and perhaps the night, too. I must sign off from this topic now though as thoughts have strayed from original purpose to...hmmm, something else.
  19. paulthevol

    paulthevol Active Member


    You have a Private Message, do you know how to retrieve it?

  20. Sova

    Sova Well-Known Member

    Paul, Cechofil,

    Get a (private chat) room! :wink: :p

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