what do i need to obtain Czeh Visa

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    Please kindly let know if i can use Hotel reservation to apply for Czech visa from Nigeria. i am a Nigerian Citizen and i have been traveling to USA, UK, Ireland since almost two years and i wish to visit Czech for hoilday visit, please advise what are the requirement that i will need to apply at the Czech Embassy in Nigeria.
    Thank you
    Sangobiyi O.A[/b]
  2. Alexx

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    I guess the best way is to contact Czech embassy in Abuja, they will give you more detailed infomation:

    Zone 4
    Asokoro District
    Gnassingbe Eyadema Street, Plot No. 5
    P.O.Box 4628

    tel: 002349/3141245, 3141247, KO-3141246
    fax: 002349/3141248

    e-mail: abuja@embassy.mzv.cz
    web: www.mzv.cz/abuja

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