What does "broucek" mean in Czech ?

Discussion in 'Vocabulary & Translation Help' started by S2kDriver, Sep 20, 2005.

  1. S2kDriver

    S2kDriver Well-Known Member

    Hi folks, my gf's phone was sitting next to me when I just got curious because it starting beeping the low battery warning tone. :) So, I look in her phone book and I'm the first entry, it says "Paul my love". Then the next one says "Broucek". Now, I just got paranoid and looked that word up in a dictionary and the English translation was "water beetle" or "poppet" (which means sweetie and darling, does it?)

    What does Broucek most likely mean in this context? Is that a common Czech guy name (in which case I won't have to worry - she has mostly guy friends) or is it an adjective like "sweetie" or "darling" to describe someone? Maybe it is a real name and not an adjective (since I would think "milacek" is a more common word to use). Paranoia is just in my nature and I'm wondering if she's also close to this "Broucek" character as she is to me.

    Thanks for the help and I have a sinking feeling in my gut right now. :(
  2. Dana

    Dana Well-Known Member

    Hi Paul,

    "brouček" is not a name. It literally means "little beetle" but it can also be used as a pet name for a person. Something like "sweetie". It is usually used in a romantic sense, but I can imagine it used as a nickname for a very good friend as well.

  3. Zeisig

    Zeisig Well-Known Member

    Brouček (upper case B) can be a surname.

    The most famous Brouček is on the picture:

  4. Dana

    Dana Well-Known Member

    Yes, of course, sorry, I meant that Brouček is not a first name. You are right, it can be a last name, which may be quite important in this case. :)
  5. S2kDriver

    S2kDriver Well-Known Member

    :( Now how am I going to broach this subject? She always says I'm the only one. During my visit, there wasn't anything to indicate she was seeing someone else, unless she was the most cunning cheater in the world. I have butterflies now. :(
  6. Sova

    Sova Well-Known Member


    I noticed that you are in vicinity of NYC. I did a quick whitepages check and found:

    E Broucek
    street address not available
    Brooklyn, NY 11222
    (718) 349-2372

    Perhaps this is the fellow in her cell phone directory? I would think that it is more likely that Broucek in this context will be a surname, particularly since you listed it as capitalized (and presumably it was so in the directory). Generally, a Czech wouldn't capitalize a pet name like "broucek" in this context.
  7. S2kDriver

    S2kDriver Well-Known Member

    She lives in the CR so it is someone over there, not in the states. Also, I don't remember if it was "Broucek" or "broucek". When I always ask for reassurance, she always tells me she can't cheat on me because she's "not like some other girls". lol
  8. Dana

    Dana Well-Known Member

    I would capitalize it if it was an entry in my phone book.

    My advice to Paul is, forget about some entry in your gf's cell phone and believe what she tells you. What's a relationship for if you can't trust each other?
  9. gementricxs

    gementricxs Well-Known Member

    Yeah, absolutely
  10. S2kDriver

    S2kDriver Well-Known Member

    Ok, she just laughed when I brought it up and actually thought it was cute that I was getting jealous. :x She said it's a last name, not a nickname and I didn't detect any appreciable stuttering. Thanks guys, for the reasssurance. :)
  11. Dead Gecko

    Dead Gecko New Member

    Paul, my GF is in the Czech R. too and I have my crazy moments of jealousy sometimes. Trust her, she'll love you all the more for it
  12. phyloo

    phyloo New Member

    I wonder if "brouček" can be used for a girl too... ? Thanks.
  13. Hamfrousek

    Hamfrousek New Member

    My mother used to call my little (disabled) son whom she loved very dearly, her broucininek. That's about as many diminutives as you can possibly get! (with hacek over the c and carka over the second i of course and there should be a hacek on the c's of hacek and carka - oh, my goodness!).

    This is a most endearing Czech trait, and my name is Hamfrousek (hacek over the s) or little Humphry.

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