What is it that intrigues foreigners about CZ women?

Discussion in 'Culture' started by caulfield2, Oct 10, 2006.

  1. gypzy

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    Actually in Michigan. Although I did live in Corpus Christi for 2 years. It happens in both states.

    OK, clear this up. Were you dissed or were you dissing the girl? And now you feel guilty?

    A man can be respectful and not be a wuss. There's nothing badass about some guy thinking that some woman is actually sitting by the phone for one month. It's rudeass. It's a game.

    There is nothing wrong with that, as long as you are honest with yourself and any women you date. My point is don't tell other women how much you hate b :evil: chy American women and that you would like to be with a nice sweet woman then turn around and be back with the Amozonian.

    To tell the truth in person I like to observe other people. Like see who tourists are by thier outfits, watch middle-aged overwieght, bald men in speedos on the beach hitting on women, how people act in bars. So I guess maybe I do the same thing on message boards. This is kind of anthropoligical. I just kind of wonder what makes men tick. While I truly believe there are many people of other cultures who meet, date and marry each other. I believe there are quite a few men who go out of their way to meet women outside of his culture. And this is probably not just an American thing.
    Think about "ethnic cleansing". Not that I condone that, but my point is there may be something ingrained to the male brain to go outside of his culture. This is not an obsession for women. If that were the case when men raided villages instead of just rapi8ng the women they would also bring back men to thier sisters and widowed mothers, but this is not the case.
    Take for instance the white and hispanic population in Texas. Julio has the hots for Billie Jean. Bubba Joe has the hots for Juanita. Billie Jean has the hots for Bubba Joe and Juanita has the hots for Julio. I think I just started a story for a new soap opera :lol: .
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    Rommie Well-Known Member

    Thanks for your previous note, gypzy. I do appreciate that a lot :)

    And for American women - to defend them a bit - I know some of them and I would never call them b***ch.
    Especially one is such a sweet girl, has a twins with her boyfrined and now they´ve just had a baby girl. She values much more her family than anything else, don´t want to get marry, but feels happy with what she has.
    She´s such a loving, adorable person I´ve ever met. American woman.
    So guys, you just gotta seek better :wink:
  3. caulfield2

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    Gypsy (and you might want to change your name after you see the new Borat movie, is that playing over there now?)

    Lots of American servicemen brought back children and wives and families they created while serving in Vietnam...some adopted, some born during the war to the American man.

    There's not a taboo anymore about an American man marrying an Asian, Hispanic, Indian, Native American...as long as she's not black, and even that is slipping a little each generation. However, there's still discrimination against a white man with a very dark woman. Someone like Halle Berry, who is half-white, that's more accepted by people. LOL.
  4. Natureboy

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    "there may be something ingrained to the male brain to go outside of his culture."

    I don't get the impetus to kill nor rape, the male mind is apparently a strange and dysfunctional place (if considered by society's professed ideals, where murder is a capital crime)-- hence my (perhaps misplaced) belief in women as leaders.

    Certainly the male drive to conquer, dominate and control, on both a national and personal scale (levied against all people, not just women) is rather deranged. There is nothing in natural history that could form a precident for human male behavior in it's obsessions to dominate and control with deadly violence-- I don't know if women join up for these reasons exactly, but you can probably train even women to find honor in being violent, against their innate psychology though that may be.

    Indeed the very society we've designed, the subjugation and destruction of nature for "societal" aims (really just personal, selfish and corporate ones), and all of the expansionist wars, etc. are purely a fabrication of this deranged male mind, leading to near ecological collapse globally.

    Why people prejudge eachother ethnically is one weird crossed wire, like the violence imperative, serves no contemporary biological nor social function. Sometimes cultural or physical sexual preference is mistaken for racial bias (the German ex's mum lived in the W. Indies, only would sleep with rastafarian men-- which is understandable, her boyfriends were always quite extradorinary and strong-looking, charming musicians, etc. compared to the generalized European snooty nebish and the rath of controlling, narcisist German ex-husband, etc.).

    Whatever evolutionary baggage that drives men to rape and pillage can't be conflated with the present quest for the 'exotic' in love abroad. Nor do power-games inherent in modern dating practices have any relevant imperative, except that Americans seem to like to 'dis' eachother, and 'one-up' eachother at all times, feelings be damned.

    But this is a culture that loves to watch people fail on TV, spends it's weekeds salivating over blood-sports, etc.-- it's our national cultural identity to be jerks. Where other nations have a genuine national culture, our melting pot is unified by it's love of selfish, obnoxious and nasty behavior (compassion is now the exception not the rule)

    Dating is artificial. The system as it stands is set up to disappoint. But those who exploite that silly game for ego issues are just bad seeds, probably pulled flies wings off as kids. People who derive satisfaction from other's disappointment, or who see love as a dominance game from the outset are perverted, decadent and cynical-- But this is our national identity, perhaps people here feel a patriotic duty to be horrible to each-other...

    One wouldn't be questing after foreigners if one didn't feel the need to-- America has become so petty, hostle market-driven and consumeristic, even the kids are competitive spoiled brats by age 4. We've so addicted ourselves to the notion that 'greed is good', the ethical deficit at the root of our society has by now had profound consequences for human love relationships.

    The traditional human impulses to 'stand by yer man' have been foresaken by a general undercurrent of snobby, selfish 'me generation' dissatisfaction. This general insecurity does not bode well for the stability of couples pursuing a life-partnership. But of course it's just a theory...

    The impetus for seeking love abroad where selfish consumerism is not as insidious, is for me more about trying to 'time' a culture to find that last thread of humanistic integrity and innocence from an earlier more romantic (though still modern) realm. less a biologic drive for the exotic than merely a desire to find a good woman who isn't all bitter and dissatisfied.

    I loved an american woman for over 10 years, as well as a foreign (German) one for 6 years (I'm now 40). To be sure I wasn't interested in Germanic exotic origins (I found the West German culture utterly repressive, obnoxious and intolerabe) She was actually quite romantic and literate and sweet and worldly (not to mention beautiful), but she ultimately succombed to a very early midlife mania, largely I think due to the Germanic obsession with looks, etc. The US and Germany are clearly too far gone down their path of shallowness and selfishness for there to be any genuine innocence and openness left. They are jaded.

    Consumerism has pressured relationships in inverse ways as well, especially around the 'midlife crisis'-- it certainly ruins the trust when your 'spouse' at 35 decides she needs to travel the Himalayas in search of enlightenment and Tantric sex :roll:

    The failures and pitfalls on this rocky road to modern love are legion and apparently insurmountable for most. But having been there, longterm love is the way to go (also the way to getyour heart utterly masticated and destroyed)! But you need to start with people who really do believe in commitment, and that's not common in the USA (despite all the hoopla at weddings, etc. just another industry) So therefore I'm still lookin for real love (in some very strange places, like My Czech Republic :)

    So many rants, so little time...
  5. caulfield2

    caulfield2 Well-Known Member

    So your American "spouse" or your German one decided to leave to recreate "7 Years in Tibet"? I guess I've heard worse reasons for leaving a spouse/partner/girlfriend...but it all amounts to being "bored" or unexcited with/by the other person.

    Or were you not married?

    Well, you might have to live in Afghanistan or Pakistan or remote fishing villages or factory towns in Siberia to find these women "untouched" by Western notions and culture!!!

    Or maybe Slovakia or Hungary at least...

    The only problem I see is IF IF IF you do find a woman like that, are you going to live in her hometown forever to protect or shield her from being corrupted?

    That might be the sacrifice necessary to make in this situation, because you're in for a losing fight if you bring her back to the US. Now, if you find a woman 35-45, you should be okay, one way or the other.

    If you find a woman 12-15 OR more years younger, and I've seen plenty of 20+ age differences between couples, then your odds are exponentially decreased. You also need to decide if you want to adopt children of a woman you would meet, or have children of your own. Not only that, but children are the first ones in today's world to be corrupted by the "consumerism" you often refer to, which would eventually spill over to the mother. Maybe you should live without a tv, lol?

    Lots of complex decisions.
  6. Natureboy

    Natureboy Active Member

    :lol: Your right about the TV as the poisonous instrument of corruption-- I pulled the plug on mine after the last election and the war-- even the CNN logo was enough to make me queezy! But I love films, having downloaded everything on Vongo and Movielink, starting to run dry...

    Age is a bit sensitivel in women it seems, too young and you get a flighty ditsy man-twister, too old, and, well I don't know exactly-- just that many women seem pretty tough and bitter by 40, but no generalizations...

    I think the 30's is the most wonderful time for women (not the only one for sure), but if one is looking for the 'one' (as I am), it seems prudent to find someone who lives with intelligence, an evolved person, not just unsophisticated (my dream: Erika Marozsán, just look at her-- dark, romantic, mysterious, deep, poetic, sexy, brilliant, cultured, talented, accomplished, normal-- I could write a thesaurus decribing such a great woman like that!! maybe I should try to interest her in some earrings... )

    I wish it were simpler! Somehow growing up I thought the world was full of warm-and-fuzzy romantic 70's types, only to emerge into the cold-and-prickly 80's-- I did not envy single people seeking love in those days... I guess they're getting back at me for beeng so nicely set-up in love for so long (ha ha, 'set-up' is a good term for it...)

    People break apart perfectly good love for the weirdest reasons-- commitment just seems so passe and out of fashion-- But if I did find this 'tabula rasa', pure gorgeous poetic but a tad naive Czech woman, and the only way to keep her pure was to coop her up in the tower of my Bohemian castle... even a progressive like me might be tempted!

    But I do want a cultured person, nothing too traditional (although I once went completely gaga over an Indian woman in a sari with a nose ring-- perfectly the most gorgeous person I've ever seen to this day...) but Europe, if anything, is supposed to have cultured people, right?

    Still thinking about Columbia, and rescuing some Inca princess from the impoverished countryside-- did you ever see 'El Norte'? The young woman in that film was so beautiful, with such an open and honest, humanistic demeanor (as in not a bad nor selfish bone in her little body...) I could love a woman like that (especially if she made good tamales)
  7. caulfield2

    caulfield2 Well-Known Member

    Cameron certainly had plenty of sparkle, perhaps because the news had given him so much to talk about. The Institute for Public Policy Research was saying that Britain's teenagers are the worst in Europe

    Thought that was interesting.

    Haven't seen El Norte. Barbara Mori is one of my favorites. She might be a little "sexier" than the one you listed.

    She's in a movie called "La Mujer de mi Hermano" which I saw while while I was in Colombia.
  8. Natureboy

    Natureboy Active Member

    Will have to check that one out, thanks for the tip--

    Mostly we get latin stories for the gringo screen-- I'd have been thrilled to hang with Frida Khalo, especially if she looked anything like Salma Hayek! (now there's a dame... and she's 'old' like me!) Maybe I'll have to take a trip to Mexico this year (and hope I don't get drugged and robbed! Jeez, so much for humble campesinos!)

    What a curse-- to be in love with no lover... it's gonna be a long winter!!
  9. caulfield2

    caulfield2 Well-Known Member

    Well, there are plenty of women in South America who are beneficiaries of plastic surgery....Salma Hayek has had facelifts and implant surgery. Which is why she looks to be in her 30's instead of 40's.

    Alas...where has your "true beauty" gone?
  10. Natureboy

    Natureboy Active Member


    Fooled again...

    Substitute Penelope Cruz above~
  11. caulfield2

    caulfield2 Well-Known Member

    Well, her Spanish-inflected English is borderline horrible...but she seems to be a good woman. Of course, we can never truly know any celebrity, just the public glimpses we see of them...and I'm not sure if dating Tom Cruise looks so good on her "resume" either.
  12. Rommie

    Rommie Well-Known Member

    Heh, one guy here on My Czech tried to impress me mentioning that he worked with Tom Cruise. He actually did. So what? It´s nothing what could impress much ...
  13. caulfield2

    caulfield2 Well-Known Member

    I worked with Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

    Does that work?

  14. Rommie

    Rommie Well-Known Member

    I´m a social worker ... You BET it works!! :shock:

    Wanna meet me then? lol
  15. BMoody

    BMoody Well-Known Member

    I found nothing wrong with dating American women. I just couldn't relate to most because I'd grown up in Europe. They took only a glossy eyed interest in the European museums, architecture, history, and artwork that I'd grown to love. The American women who did appreciate these things had often times never been to actually experience them and again I could not relate. The ones that did get it all usually already had their French lover, lol. Even though I am American, I often times can't relate to American women. Don't get me wrong, I can Rico Swave' my way around the block, but there is no satisfaction in it.

    The American girls I have dated mostly treated me well, and I did my best to return the favor. It was usually the circumstances of moves and jobs that broke things up. There were many that I was compatible with on a personal level, yet they just can't satisfy my want for a bit of home though. And that is Europe... It's not that European girls are exotic for me, it is that they are familiar. I understand the subtle hints of a European girl and speak the same unspoken language. American girls throw me for a loop with the body language. Moreover, most American girls I've dated do not say what is on their mind. They repress it and bring it up much later while my Czech girl will speak her mind if you ask her, and that is a lovely thing.
  16. alenastef

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    In my opinion, all this discussion is a nice example of (not only American) obsession of DISCUSSING RELATIONS. And, Natureboy, all your monologues about inner beauty etc... and then you impress us with the names of beautiful actress... just another ordinary tom. At least you could admit that. Yes, an intelligent one with high culture, but in the first place nice tits.
  17. Natureboy

    Natureboy Active Member

    :twisted: My organization founded in highschool during the ematiated 80's: N.I.P.F.A.T (the National Association for the Preservation of Female Adipose Tissue)-- so you could say I love curves....

    But actually in real love and attraction/attractiveness it's really quite different than you say Elena, while I'm no stranger to secondary sex characteristics these actresses are artists, not just lookers-- Indeed what makes them so much more vital than their image is an inner beauty, talent and spirit-- that's why they get the big bucks... You can't just order that sort of person up from a Ford Model look-book, they are one of a kind.

    All women have bosoms, and not even the 'nicest' ones are worth getting close to if the owner is a shallow power-player who thinks she rules the world with a wave of her thong...

    Do you not think it a bit cynical and jaded that you'd insist that men ONLY lust after topless pin-up models? How shallow! I would not envy being a woman in your world (nor a man it seems) Is there really no romance in your realm, your image of love only about head-turning power? I suggest this shallow interpretation of beauty is a trap, and will only lead to misery and worse self-doubt later on-- or would you in some way rather be less personal in love, more mechanical?

    Or perhaps that's just the way it is, women everywhere resent being viewed as sexual objects, yet only know love in terms of shallow men after their organs, therefore this is considered normal--
    There is so much more to a truly beautiful woman than only parts (nice as those parts may be...)!

    Why would you be so quick to discredit my respect for the whole woman-- Do you really think people like me can't exist, or do you just secretly wish they didn't, perhaps because 'pretty-power' is the only power you can imagine wanting or having as a young woman? Can not one appreciate beauty as well as talent, passion, the creative life-energy in a person?

    Case in point re Marketing: People are not in their hearts anything like a Polo ad, that is a manipulative myth, yet people are seduced by this, laying the foundation for the destruction of true love-- somewhere in your mind you secretly imagine that life really looks like that, and you must therefore be missing out.

    Look, I am a designer and therefore quite visual, I've accessorized enough sweaty models to know what pale, anorexic heroin addicts look like-- these are the poeple you swoon over in ads and editorial. and that men think they want-- but it's not normal, nor healthy, nor at all attractive up close (hence why I don't now work with models anymore), and yes they all too have breasts (so-called 'nice' breasts are installed every day here by the thousands-- not very nice actually, at all).

    On the other hand you have Erika Maroszan, not a typical beauty at all-- sort of a squarish magyar face, etc, but she is intense. That is a huge component of her beauty-- she is not shallow.

    I may be the last romantic alive or the last man seeking more than your one-night-stand/ date-rape interperetation of the male mind-- yes we are all erotic, but definitely not all shallow--

    Anyway, Penelope Cruz is no typical model either, kind of unusual looking spaniard, not a typical beauty-- pretty yes, but indeed her beauty is in her eyes and her actions, and her goofy smile divided in half by her nose-- but this is what attracts me, (as well as her accent, as far as accents go it's quite charming). It is the goofiness behind the smile that makes the smile so adorable. But as she says in 'Woman on Top": I Lost my Love-- Indeed love seems already an antiquated emotion, if you judge by this board (or anywhere it seems)

    So, let me see if I get this right, you want to be upwardly mobile, and for this you negate and mock the concept of love and genuine attraction between people, preferring the shallow quick-fix style encunters? Have you really never been in love, has nobody ignited in you that excitement? Do you not wish to be cherished for all your personality, the good bad the pretty and the not so?

    Perhaps in your mind normal men only want to get into your pants, the end, while all others are just posers acting like sensitive dweebs but they really only see women as T&A and really only want to get into your pants, and are therefore frauds?

    Sorry, not this dweeb!
  18. Natureboy

    Natureboy Active Member

    That would be Institute, not association...
    Must be getting late :oops:
  19. alenastef

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  20. Natureboy

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    Poněvadž JÁ am jeden masochistický a přát si až k mučení já sám s sen of člen určitý unattainable a beznadějný zastaralý. Tebe jistě být špatně od žaludku má hlava! Blaho dnem i nocí štěstí

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