What is it that intrigues foreigners about CZ women?

Discussion in 'Culture' started by caulfield2, Oct 10, 2006.

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    HERE HERE! I'm married to a young lady from Ostrava and want to reaffirm what you've said. I've been with my Lady since April 2007 and married since March 2008...we've still not had an argument. We've disagreed, but not argued.

    She's also quite old fashioned even at the tender age of 21 (22 in August). She thinks she's suppossed to stay at home and take care of our children until they're in school. She is thinks it's adorable that I help with household chores. She believes her role as my wife is to support me. She has high expectations of what I should be as a man...she makes me want to be a better person.
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    Sorry to be so obvious, but this is a special interest of mine. Czech women are, quite simply, the most beautiful in the world. This is a subjective statement of course. But since I'm the one writing, it is the Law of God...at least to me.

    There is nothing more to say. I have never been as instantly entranced by women as I have been by the women of CZ. To paraphrase Nietzsche, my dream is to die and live like a god in Prague. There is no use pretending that the beauty of the women is not part of the reason I wish to do so.
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    I'm wondering if this is a trait of all Eastern European countries...that they are more "shy" or "private" and don't walk around the world like they own it, as SOME Americans (I try not to!) tend to do. I've also heard that you can always spot an American tourist because they're smiling like idiots all the time.

    So besides the very much FALSE stereotype that Eastern European women are more content to be led by their husbands, that they are more obedient, like to cook and clean and take care of children and NOT be independent or ambitious in terms of getting their own education or a job outside of the home (more stereotypes that are usually 100% wrong), what is it that appeals to foreigners about CZ women???

    And, please don't go on about physical characteristics...that would be boring and repetitive
  4. merla

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    watch out for cz women....their love is money
  5. Yerusalyim

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    Shame on you, that's no more true for Czech women than it is for women from any other country.
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    Thanks for writing this. I do not get Merla - this post in this tread, "I wan e-pal from CZ" post in another...
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    Thank you for clarifying....glad to hear this from your standpoint.:))
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    Women feel secure with men who can provide for them. Anthropologically, this is a natural instinct, just as men find certain traits in women attractive because they are signs of health.

    In animal societies, only the high-ranking males get to mate often. Why is it acceptable when men pursue women they find attractive for fundamentally biological reasons but not acceptable when women do the same?

    In countries with a low male to female ratio and with a large drug or alcohol problem (neither of which the Czech Republic has), we would expect to see women desperate to leave the country through marriage. Their physical appearance becomes of utmost importance, because this, in their view, is their way out. Sleeping with men who offer a way out (and perhaps even faking a relationship) may be simply another strategic move. Even if the man isn't a white knight, these women will be in a better country, or so the thinking goes.

    I smile because I live in an economically prosperous country (or at least I did until socialism reared its ugly head here). I have the luxury of choosing a man who doesn't make a stellar living because I enjoy how he makes me feel. Czech women are increasingly able to do the same in the last 18 years, but I don't fault women for pursuing a stable lifestyle for their children anymore than I fault a man for finding a healthy-looking woman attractive. If you find this frustrating, you may as well find it frustrating that we have bad eyes or bad teeth. It's in our DNA.
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    I'm going to correct my own grammar for those of you who are trying to learn English.

    In the past 18 years, Czech women have been increasingly able to do the same, but I don't fault women for pursuing a stable lifestyle for their children anymore than I fault a man for finding a healthy-looking woman attractive.

    "In the past 18 years" really does require that the verb following it be in the past perfect tense. :)

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