What is your mother tongue?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by nebe_je_zde, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. r3incarnat0r

    r3incarnat0r New Member

    The world from American point of view, lol:

    (click here to open a picture) ;)

    np 8)

  2. gypzy

    gypzy Well-Known Member

    Hi r3incarnat0r,

    Funny links :lol: ! Saddly, for the mock map, I think many Americans probably think that is where Hawaii really is :( .

  3. r3incarnat0r

    r3incarnat0r New Member


    Well, that map is actually an Americans' point of view from an Europeans' point of view... :wink:
  4. BMoody

    BMoody Well-Known Member

    Being American, my first language is English too. I grew up learning it on military installations, so I like to think that my English is straightforward and a clean English. My accent is marked by a lack of accent.

    2. Spanish (Intuitive understanding
    3. German
    4. Czech (I'm working on it!)
  5. Don Juan

    Don Juan New Member

    My mother tongue is Greek.
    2nd is English but also i know few Norwegian and Swedish. :D
  6. cech39

    cech39 Member

    Mine is Czech
    Ones I told someone (this happend in America) that I was from Czech and he was confused. I told him from Czechoslovakia and he said " ohhh central america, oh okay."
  7. GlennInFlorida

    GlennInFlorida Well-Known Member

    I can believe that... :lol:
  8. gypzy

    gypzy Well-Known Member

    OMG! :lol: How sad is that?
  9. cech39

    cech39 Member

    yea thats emberasing. I cant wait to move back home
  10. doman

    doman Well-Known Member

    Thanks nebe_je_zde ! Its an interested topic !

    Mine is Vietnamese(Hanoian),
    bessides, Vietnamese(Middle) and Vietnamese(Southern) :D

    If I were in Prague, I could ask for food in Czech language,
    I could say " Hello ! " to foreigners in English if they visited Hanoi :lol:
    I will say " Tut mir sehr leid, Ich weisse nicht Deutsch.." when someone asked me something as " Sprichst Du Deutsch ?"

    I can smile "fluently" in all kinds of languages ! :D

    I hope I could pass over Hungry everywhere ! :D
  11. parmalat

    parmalat New Member

    Hi, newbie here.
    My boyfriend was sent to prague branch and will stay 1 year there. So begin to care the country recently.
    My language:
    1st: Chinese
    2nd: English
    3rd: German
  12. Colesa

    Colesa Member

    I’m the first Catalan – speaker posting here! In Barcelona, our mother tongue is Catalan, it’s one of the official languages spoken in Spain (almost 10 million people talk or can understand it). And of course, my other mother language (this would be my “grandma’s language", as she is from Andalucía, another part of the country) is Spanish, although in my daily basis I don’t have to use it. I count and dream in Catalan but I speak and write Spanish as well as I do with my language, of course.

    There are other official languages in Spain (as Gallego and Euskera). It could seem quite a mess, but it’s easy when you live here. The problem is when foreign students come to Barcelona and find that the classes are not given in Spanish, but in Catalan... I must say that in this case there’s no problem in changing languages... and encourage people to learn Catalan too :p

    I also try to speak and write English (that was obvious!), I can defend my Italian and I can understand spoken and written French. No Czech by the moment, sorry (I’ll have to improve that!)
  13. vturchi

    vturchi Well-Known Member

    Hi all!

    - my mother tongue: italian
    - i try to express myself in english...
    - i know some words in german...(I've studied german in the school)
    - i'm starting to understand something in czech, but it's the first time with a slavic language for me and it's very, very difficult!!!

    then....I've studied Latin in the school and I'm italian, so i can invent many words in spanish, french and portuguese!!

    :lol: sometimes it works (personal experience)! and anyway it's very funny
  14. CZdansky

    CZdansky Member

    My native speech is english (texan-oklahoman backwoods talk). Though, both my grandparents and father speak czech-variations. By variations I mean when my grandparents & father get upset they speak mainly czech, but switch from that to german, to spanish, and to english in some kinda multi-lingual blubber, lol. I myself knew czech well until I was about 5-ish and had to go to school and was forced to learn english/spanish. Since then I only speak it very limited and only a few common phrases, nothing extensive in any way.
  15. AxeZ

    AxeZ Active Member


    and I speak and write ( obvioulsly )
    English, Russian, some German, some Czech, some Bulgarian some SLovak..;)
  16. Alexx

    Alexx Well-Known Member


    I understand of course Slovak (there is no need to speak/write Slovak), as I am living near polish borders, watching polish TV, working in semi-polish company, I understand and speak Polish.

    I understand a little bit (more then average czech I guess) all other slavic languages (Russian, Ukrainian, Croatian/Serbian, Slovenian, Bulgarian, Macedonian), I like them :).

    This summer I was talking with a serbian guy in Macedonia, we understood each other (panslavonic esperanto :wink:).

    Then I speak English, in case of emergency German.
  17. Matsy

    Matsy New Member


    And i can speak English, Swedish and understand Danish.. And i try my best to understand Czech ;)
  18. czech diva

    czech diva New Member

  19. czech diva

    czech diva New Member

    Czech. I was born in Germany of Czech WW2 refugee parents. Spoke Czech at home. Moved to England, and went to school at 5 and learned English. Still spoke, read, & wrote Czech at home. Went to Czech School in London on Saturdays. Came to USA in 60's. Still spoke Czech at home. Lots of Czechs in SF Bay Area, but left there in1969. In the Pacific NW there's no organized Czech community as in SF the Sokols etc. Still read Czech, write to a friend in EMail, and to family friends in Czech. Don't get to speak much any more since my mom passed away. Most of my peers spoke some Czech but not as much as I. Pavla
  20. GlennInFlorida

    GlennInFlorida Well-Known Member

    a bit of a follow up - I speak, read, or understand

    English (Southern American, as I said)

    Spanish (studied it for three years in school - use it a lot - am actually quite fluent)

    American Sign Language (have several deaf friends and was very involved with the deaf community when I lived in Houston Texas. I am a designated ASL interpreter for the airport where I work)

    Czech (still learning, speak and read a bit, don't write much)

    Understand or can read a good bit of Italian, French, and German but speak only a little

    I can say a few things in a few other languages (Russian, Chinese, Tagalog, and Polish) but usually just enough to confuse myself and everyone around me :wink: )

    I guess I just have a general interest in languages - makes life more interesting.

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