What part of Prague?

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    Will be visiting Prague for the first time and staying for a month (Sep-Oct). Would like to rent an apartment for the duration, but in which area?
    Would like to be close to most tourist attractions, but still quiet and peaceful at night (away from the stag parties in Stare Mesto, I guess ;-).

    Since we travel light, should we take public transport from the airport, or go with a shuttle?

    Thanks for all suggestions!
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    For an apartment contact Walter Adams at prague_piedaterre@yahoo.co.uk . He is an American expat who lives in Prague now and manages several nice apartments. He can also arrange a car for you from the airport. He is very reliable, very honest, and his apartments are very clean and well located.

    Tell him Cindy from Atlanta recommended him.
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    At the airtport (acros the street/parking lot from the exit door) get on the 119 bus, then get off in Dejvice and transfer to the Metro C -- about a 15 minute ride, but do not forget to purchase a ticket for your luggage ( this route is very popular with the "bus police" looking for a 500Kc fine. Once you know were you will be "going" it is easy to transfer anywhere to an other metro or bus for your deatination -- this will cost you less than 50Kc as compared to a Taxi/Car 5ooKc and up!$$$$$
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    Hi Pete,

    I think there are a number of areas that are close to the center, but still quiet at night. Prague 2 - Vinohrady and Prague 3 - parts of Zizkov near Vinohrady are good options. Parts of Prague 6 close enough to the metro/tram would work.

    If you are traveling light, then I suggest taking the bus. We have information on taking public transportation from Prague airport as part of our "Airport - Downtown" section.
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    Thanks for your great suggestions!

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