What to see in Southern Bohemia area?

Discussion in 'Travel Tips & Advice' started by mheins, Aug 30, 2002.

  1. mheins

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    This is my first time to czech republic, and
    will be staying with friends in Southern
    Bohemia area. I would appreciate recommendations on castles I could see in the area; also tips on local restaurants and
    other things to see.
  2. Halef

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    As you may know, the Southern Bohemia area has been hit by the recent floods, so some af the tourist attractions may be closed or even damaged. As far as i know, the Plzen city has been hit quite badly, as well as <a href="http://www.c-budejovice.cz/default.asp?LANG=EN">Ceske Budejovice</a>. But i do not live in SB area, so my information comes just from media and internet - i think it would be a good idea to contact your hotel or whoever you know in your destination and ask them for more accurate info. There will most propably be traffic problems in the whole area, but the situation comes better every day.

    About the castles - i think the most beautiful one is <a href="http://www.hluboka.cz/en/index.xml">Hluboka nad Vltavou</a>, which is all right after the floods, I recommend a visit there.

    <a href="http://www.ckrumlov.cz/obrgal/20020808/ukindex.html#2"Cesky Krumlov</a> is a beatiful city (well, it's at the UNESCO list so it can't be ugly :eek:), and the water did not hit the historical part of city nor the local castle. Some parts of the city were damaged, but the touristical season goes on.

    Normally I would also recommend visiting <a href="http://mesta.obce.cz/pisek/index_a.htm">Pisek</a> and his old stone bridge (even older then Karluv most in Prague), but the bridge has been damaged by water :eek:(

    The same situation is with the fish-growing lakes (near Trebon and that area), probably the most famous and typical things in SB - they really aren't that romantic as they used to be...

    P.S. I am new to this forum, after sending the post I noticed that HTML use is disabled - well, I won't correct that, I am sure you can use the links anyway :eek:)

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