Who's Still Around in Ostrava?

Discussion in 'Expat Life' started by DaveUK, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. DaveUK

    DaveUK Member

    Dear All,

    Just a post to see who is still in and around Ostrava, I'm from London, UK and been living in Ostrava for over 4 year's now and I've meet only Rob and Mark so far two very nice guys to have some drinks with. (Many drinks in fact) I would really like to know who else is out there; I've heard rumours of other Ex Pats living and working in and around Ostrava and it would be really nice to have a gathering before the summers finished. Let me know who's about. 8)

  2. Alexx

    Alexx Well-Known Member

    I am often in Ostrava during weekends, so send me PM if you make some group of expats. I am local, but would like to chat in english and would like to know what is expats point of view to some things. Stodolni, or any other place in or around Ostrava.
  3. DaveUK

    DaveUK Member

    Hi, Alex,

    Thanks for the reply, what nationality are you?

    If you’re interested? I would like to arrange a BBQ party or a meeting to have dinner and drinks, I’m in touch with around 4 guys and their families so far from different places around the world living and working in Czech Republic in this region, so more the merrier!

    I’ve been pretty busy here the last 4 years setting up my life and getting established, and now it’s time to get the social life back on track!
  4. Alexx

    Alexx Well-Known Member

    Born in Ostrava, raised in Karvina, and living in Prague. Very czech :)
  5. rob100

    rob100 Member

    Hi Dave, how are you mate...long time no see!
    The problem with meet up's is having to get to Ostrava (My case from a village in Stanislavice / Havirov / Tesin), and then getting back home after a few beers etc (I have just accuired a flat in Havirov though)...And the last bus back here is around 23:00:) which is not what you call a great night out.

    I spend most weekends out in Havirov playing pool, bowling, a little bit of a boogy every now and then, and of course drinking. And I believe most people tend to go out where they can get back home again.
    But saying that, if a gang were to get together every once in a while, it maybe worth hanging around till the morning bus :)

    So mate, just let me know if you get anything worked out...

    All the best.

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