Why The Czechs Change Their Shoes Into Slippers Inside???

Discussion in 'Culture' started by Yvan, Jan 24, 2011.

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    I have never thought about it :), but yes we do. Honestly, I leave for work at say 8am, and stay in my shoes until say... 8pm. 12 hours in the same shoes... I am happy I can get rid of when home. Why should I wear shoes?

    Forcing visitors to change shoes is different story, but yes, we do it as well :).
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    Maybe it is because it is warmer here in the south and our soil is rather sandy so it brushes off easily but, as a Florida native, I can tell you the first thing I do when I get home is go barefoot. :)
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    Czech society never was and still doesn't consider furnishing of their home/carpets etc. "disposable". It is not unusual that these things are moving from generation to generation and still look good.

    Czechs keep their homes very clean inside, and put an extra effort into it when they are expecting guests. They themselves never wear shoes at home to keep it clean. To come into someones home and taking shoes off (even before you step in), indicates that you recognize how clean their home is. Igt is also sign or respect for their home. They may say "no, no, no, keep the shoes on" but they definitely don't mean it. Not taking your shoes off will make it clear that you think their home is just as dirty as street (lots of black dust and doggie gifts). It would be obviously insult.

    They are saying "don't take your shoes off", because they heard foreigners don't do it and in order not to feel insulted, in case you don't take your shoes off, they then can think that you listened to them and therefore not insulted them. Everyone has array of ugly guest slippers to offer you, but you do best when you bring your own. That will make really good impression.

    I don't know where some people grew up, but in Ontario, Canada, we always take our shoes off when visiting friend's homes. For same reason as Czechs do, we don't want our "clean" friends make to vacuum after we leave. Why, it takes only a minute to take our shoes off. :lol:

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