Will I have problem getting back into the country?

Discussion in 'Travel Tips & Advice' started by Louis_Olobo, Aug 16, 2004.

  1. Louis_Olobo

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    hi all - going back to prague in december. have booked in to stay @ Hostel Jednota. anyone know anything about it?? seems ok 4m description and pictures. one other thing - the last time i was there i got arrested but I was only taken to the police station & when i got there i brought up the subject of money & then once i produced the cash I was let out straight away..I was arrested for urinating in a public place. they took my name and thus I'm wondering will i have any problem getting back into the country??
  2. Karel

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    Hi Louis,

    Are we getting arrested for urinating in public in the CR? That`s the news for me. Where did you wee? Everytime I got off the train at Holesovice station in Prague I saw a bunch of homeless people peeing at almost every nook and cranny there. Even when I walked through an arcade of sorts in the city centre I could sometimes smell the nasty reek of urine. No, urinating in a public place is not an uncommon phenomenon.

    It`s really strange why they took you to the police station for such an offence. Indeed, it could be because you`re a foreigner and Czech police are famous for using double standards when choosing their victim. They would stop 20 cars with a German number plate to one car with a Czech plate.

    No worries about their preventing you from entering the CR. Such a petty act of misconduct must be laughed at.

    Take care


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