World Junior Hockey Tournament Dec. 2007

Discussion in 'Sports' started by mase, Jan 22, 2007.

  1. mase

    mase New Member

    Anybody have any info about this upcoming tournament:

    Where is it being held?
    Any tips for visiting that time of the year?

    I'm a Canadian guy who loves hockey, beer and goodtimes. What better spot than the Czech Republic?

    I already paid for my trip though i dont have details yet, the anticipation is awesome.

    see you next winter.
  2. mugatu

    mugatu New Member

    Where are you Mase? I found a package deal through a company called Destiny tours. It wsn't for me so I am still on the hunt for some info and tickets. Anyone providing the information I need to get some tickets, will be eligible for free drinks upon my arrival!
  3. McCracken

    McCracken Well-Known Member

    If this helps, for info on IIHF World U20 (World Junior) Championships in Pardubice/Liberec go to

    The site says that individual tickets go on sale at the venues and over the internet from July.

    Does this qualify for the beer :wink:?

    If so, see you there!
  4. mugatu

    mugatu New Member

    It sure does my man! thanks brother.
  5. allisonb13

    allisonb13 New Member

    hey all
    i'm thinking of heading over as well. I'm going to be in Scotland tho! Was I reading the website right when it said 1850 koronas ($100 CAD) for a tourni pass?? Thats awesome.
    Are you planning on going to Pardubice or Liberec? I'm thinking Pardubice only. Are there any other sites besides the official site that has info on the accomodations?!?!
  6. McCracken

    McCracken Well-Known Member

    Probably just going to Pardubice - the journey between Pardubice and Liberec doesn't look straightforward or quick. I have friends in Olomouc and Sumperk who I will also visit and the journey there from Pardubice looks a much better option. I took a kids hockey team out to a tournament near Brno between Christmas and New Year last year and we had a fantastic time :D . World Juniors should be a great spectacle :D.
  7. melaniefedunok

    melaniefedunok New Member

    does anyone know who the czech sportscasters will be for this tournament?
  8. Sigma

    Sigma Well-Known Member

    Probably national television such as CT1 or CT2. I think that is what they are called...
  9. Allyna

    Allyna Member

    Has anyone purchased tickets? I'd like to get the full tournament package but there's just an e-mail address and I haven't gotten a reply yet.
  10. Allyna

    Allyna Member

    Okay, got a reply and apparently have a ticket reserved, but they say "payment is possible in CZK bank transfer only". Now I have to figure that out, haha.
  11. walmzer8

    walmzer8 Member

    Im heading to this too. Im from Victoria and will be staying in Hradec Kralove and attending the games in Pardibuce.


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