Wow! J'adore Ilona Csákova!!! (Am I the only one?)

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by ICfan, Mar 24, 2009.

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    Hi all from suburban Toronto, Canada, and thanks very much for having me aboard! My intro post...

    Here's the short version: I ♥ Ilona Csákova!!! :D Whoo-hoo!!! Are there any other fans of hers (or other suitably informed Czechxperts in pop culture) on this forum who can tell me anything more about her??

    Here's the long version for those of you with more interest in the topic:
    Apologies in advance if this is a bit long for any of you :wink:

    I've joined up here because even though I speak NO Czech whatsoever (yet! :D ), I have recently discovered, via her videos on Youtube, the amazing and wonderful Czech singer

    Ilona Csákova.

    ... and this seemed like the most natural forum (ok, and the ONLY forum!) to go to see if I was alone in this world in admiring her talent and wanting to know a bit more about her. (The Czechs among you may be reassured to know that I, like zillions of other non-Czechs all around the world, already knew about the amazing Helena Vondráčková, who has for a long time already been somewhat semi-world famous and IMHO, a world-class talent & a great beauty "of a certain age".)

    While Ms. Csákova may or may not be your particular cup of tea, I find I am quite mesmerized by her singing voice, her smile and her haunting eyes - and that beautiful facial bone structure. Wow! Am I alone in admiring her?

    Youtube, while a great source for videos and music that are hard to find elsewhere, is not a huge source of useful commentary - at least not for me, because most of it concerning Czech singers is in the Czech language, and because many comments, in any language, about ANY video on Youtube are just put there by people trying to be negative/provocative/smarty-pants for the sake of doing so.

    All I know about Ms. Csákova to date is that she ---

    - is apparently the daughter of one Hungarian parent and one Romanian parent, who I guess must have met/married/settled in the Czech Republic back in the day,

    - was apparently born on 1/10/70 or 10/1/70 (so Jan 10th or October 1st, depending upon whether you order dates day/month/year or month/day/year)

    - got her professional start in Czech showbiz the early-to-mid 90s in a popgroup called Laura and The Tigers (I don't know if she was "Laura" or one of Laura's aforementioned Tigers :wink: ),

    - can sing pretty darn well in a live setting (i.e. not lip-synching)

    - seems to be a star of medium to high importance within Czech pop culture, though perhaps not as... prominent... as she may have been about 10 years ago(?)

    - has had many varying "looks", in wardrobe & make-up style, and hair colours & styles (constant re-invention is the stock & trade of pop stars after all!)

    - apparently sang the theme song to a tv series about ancient Egypt/Cleopatra(?) not too many years ago

    - may (if my divining of the online Czech tabloid press is halfway correct) be the sort of gal who is always battling a wee bit of a weight issue and who may have had some rather... chequered luck when it comes to love and romance. :wink:

    I have one CD her so far (2002's "Kruhy Mé Touhy") which I cannot say enough good stuff about, and I'm soon going to order more of her work from one of the Czech online music shops I discovered through this website.

    I'd be ever-so-grateful if anyone could provide me with any reliable (but non-libelous! :D) information about Ms. Csákova... pullleeeeezzzee? Did she have a notable upbringing? Were/are her parents particularly distinguished in any way? Does she have siblings? Is she married? Does she have kids? Where does she rank in the pantheon of Czech stardom? Has she ever done anything controversial or that has been criticized in the press? Any particular chairities she supports? Etc., etc., etc.

    Thanks & Cheers for ANY tidbit you can add!

  2. Dannae

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    To ICfan: In Czech Republic we use the normal date format, e.g. DAY-MONTH-YEAR (unlike the US which drives me absolutely nuts and I have to read the date from the middle in order to have it properly).
  3. Polednikova

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    Sorry, ICFan, but I've never heard of her. I'm more a fan of jazz and blues so it's not surprising. :wink: You might get more response if you post this again in music, movies & media forum.
  4. bibax

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    Ilona Csáková was born in Cheb (West Bohemia) on October 1st, 1970. As her surname suggests (Csák) she is not a daughter of the Czech nation. His father is Hungarian and her mother's family came from Romania (via Slovakia). She attended Paedagogical High School in Most. According to tabloids she has a new boy-friend and now she is pregnant (for the first time).
  5. silverkinguk

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    Ya I been Prague 4 years and I never heard of her either :)
  6. eso

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    Few years ago she sang on our company party ;)


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