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    I joned this forum for the single purpose of showing a picture and address (in her own hand) of Annemarie Schillhahn.

    We, Company A of the 51st AIB of the 4th armored division of the US Army, spent the last few days of the war (May something to may 8th 1945) in Czeckslovakia where we met the Russians - and you can see the picture of Annemarie and her address here when you scroll down: http://www.burlgrey.com/pics/burl/WWII/apicfileWWII.htm

    I joined this this board when I read that the city of Falkenau was apparently changed to Sokolov.
    It seems Annemarie wrote two other names in my little notebook and this is the first time I've tried to explore the actual location or whether anyone is still alive from that time and place.
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    The address is:

    Königswerth 134 (= Královské Poříčí in Czech)
    Falkenau an der Eger (= Falknov nad Ohří; Sokolov from 1945)
    (in Czech sokol means falco)

    During the WWII, Falkenau was in Germany (Deutsches Reich) administratively (though in Bohemia geographically) and its inhabitants were mostly Germans.

    A. Schillhahn, H. Seidl and Hertha Springl were Germans and they were probably expelled from Czechoslovakia after the war.
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    Now that was an interesting link private! Congrads on your purple heart...

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