your Czech in exchange of my Chinese/English

Discussion in 'Language Exchange & Czech Classes' started by pragueman2008, May 22, 2008.

  1. pragueman2008

    pragueman2008 New Member


    I have been living in Prague and Ostrava for ten years, but my Czech is still nic moc.

    I am looking for someone who would like to have Czech conversation
    with me. In exchange ,I teach you some Chinese ( native speaker)
    or/plus English ( second language ).I am bilingual.


  2. lyuk

    lyuk New Member

    Hi, im native Czech. I will help you to learn the language. We can speak together in English about it, because i want to be better. If you have an icq number, pls add me => 267606448 - or my mail adress (but icq is more optimal for me)...


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