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Discussion in 'General Language' started by uuspoiss, Dec 23, 2004.

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    Ti se mas!!! Zit chvili v druhem zeme je urcite lepsi zpusob se ucit ten jazyk.
    Mam teorie. Aby se clovek vlastne naucit druhy jazyk, myslim, ze to musi mit potreba pouzivat. Nejenom je dulezity mit moznost to pouzivat, ale taky potrebovat to pozivat.
    Kdyz jsi byla v CR, zrejme jsi potrebovala hovorit v cestine, abys se domluvila.. To je perfect.
    Nevadi kolik se ucime druhy jazyk, kdyz si myslime, porad si myslime v svem puvodni jazyk, ledaze neustale mam potrebu v tom konversovat.
    Ja vim mnoho ceske slova, a myslim, ze umim delat vety, ale velky problem je, ze si stale myslet v anglictne, a proto kdyz se mi chce mluvit neco v cestine, musim to v hlavou bolave pomaly prelozit do cesky.
    Urcite to bylo pro tebe fantasticky zazitek!!!!
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    hmmm well at first I came here to Prague on VACATION...You know the drill... throw back some PIVO and some SLIVO and just relax ... and then I just fell in love with the city and never took my return flight home... NOW I have a legit job, a dog, a kickass cell phone. and of course NOW learning Czech is just a necessity of life--the exception of course being when I'm at DUPLEX...then I don't need to speak Czech... only the language of $$$$.
  3. i am interested in learning Czech because my grandfather was from Czech Republic (before, when it was Czechoslovakia) and I recently started getting into my own culture (my grandpa was Carpatho Rusyn - sorry if i spelled that wrong, and the language he spoke was Czech).
    so i guess that's my motivation.
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    Was he really Czech speaking Ruthenian? That's relatively unusual, at least when speaking about Czech as primary language. Or, was he Czech living in Carpathian Ruthenia?
  5. I don't know that he was Ruthenian, from what I know he is Carpatho Rusyn, and lived in Czechoslovakia - spoke Czech.
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    Ahoj všichni,

    to my literal amazement I found this website about the Czech language and culture. I would never think of there being such a website! I find this thread (which is the first I picked to read through) extremely interesting..all those reasons..
    I´m a Czech student of English and Dutch, so I´m keenly interested in learning languages and getting to know other cultures.
    If someone would like to get in touch, I´d be happy to help with Czech.

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