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  1. wisdomrp

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    Has anyone heard of Zabreh in the Czeck Republic and do they know how to get there quickly from an International Airport. I am looking to set up a sports' school there for 11-19 year olds and was wondering what the disadvantages could be. The children may be travelling from London.
  2. Halef

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    Zábřeh is in Northern Moravia (see the map, zoom out a bit).

    You can get there from Brno in two hours by train, with one switch in Česká Třebová, or from Prague in about 2h 45m by direct train.

    From March, there will be a regular air connection London Stansted - Brno by Ryanair.
    It takes about 20 minutes by bus to get from airport to train station in Brno.

    There are more flights to Prague, I suppose, including British Airways etc. Getting to Prague train station from the airport should take about an hour by public transport.
  3. wisdomrp

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    Hey Halef, thanks for the information. Do you or anyone else know about Jesebi in Zabreh and whether it would be suitable for a boarding camp/school.

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