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  1. Just returned from Prague . Highly recommended. Am heading there again soon. Can I send photo and cost to Czech transport company for the Z-Card. Has any one an address and cost. I would like obtain it before my next visit to Czech Republic. Thank you for your assistance.
    Phil :D
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    Hi Phil,

    It's not possible to buy the Z-Card in advance. It appears from the České dráhy website that the only two things you can arrange in advance is get a seat reservation and buy a Pendolino ticket.

    The Z-Card costs 200 CZK and is valid for a year from the date of purchase. You can buy it quickly and easily at any ticket window of any train station in the country. Besides 200 CZK, you need to have with you a photo sized 35 x 45 mm (an ID-size photo) and an ID/passport.

    You can visit our page Trains and Buses Out of Town to read about the Z-Card (scroll to "How to Get a Cheaper Fare?").


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