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  1. katety

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    Hi, I was wondering if anybody could give me some good bars/restaurants in the zizkov area - i will be staying in Hotel Grand - has anybody else been there? What's the area like? Your tips and advice would be v appreciated, ta xx
  2. czechchris

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    On THIS THREAD I recommended a restaurant in Žižkov - you can get the tram 9 from Olšanské Náměstí - fairly close to where you are staying. Restaurace Sklep is opposite Viktorka - the football ground for Viktoria Žižkov.

    There is also a restaurant up the TV tower.

    Further out from you, walk up to Ohrada and there are local restaurants serving traditional food, and pubs too. But you may need a bit more Czech here, than elsewhere.i
  3. Karel Fous

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    Žižkov is full of plenty of pubs, however now it is worse than in early ninethies. You just walk on the street and try some. Down, between Olšanská street and W.Churchil sqaure is popular pubs of students (Economical Institute). This area is older, houses from end of 19.century. Up, from Olšanská to Jarov is part of panel houses from communist era. I donť know this area very well, so I rather recomend the older part.
    Karel 8)
  4. katety

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    Thanks to you both for your advice - can't wait to go - only 9 more days!

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