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Czech grammar and textbooks

The following books are recommended and reviews are written by our community members:

Colloquial Czech: The Complete Course for Beginners
By James Naughton

Colloquial Czech

• This is a Czech language book written by an English guy. That means that it is sympathetic to our way of thinking. He does not push grammar at you but feeds it in with dialogue and keeps the pressure low. The CDs are spoken by native speakers so pronunciation is correct and precise. A good basic book.
• Gives a great overview of everything.
• For conversation and the essential practise in the car.


Czech Step by Step: A Basic Course in the Czech Language for English Speaking Foreigners
By Lída Holá

• This book is a gem - the star of the pack. It starts where all good Czech language courses should with pronunciation and grammar. BUT it does it in a friendly and helpful way. Cases and genders are colour coded and it is well illustrated. The only book I have seen where the case system seems clear and well explained. I like this book!
• Hola's simple formula-reduction memorization techniques and many exercises are great practice and review.
• Naughton (see above) and Hola: winning combination. Together, they are truly wonderful resources.


Czech Language Course
By Pimsleur

Pimsleur Czech Language Course

• Gives a good start to pronunciation and listening.
• Great to learn pronounciation and touristy phrases. I love it!

Editorial Review: Using a unique method of memory recall developed by renowned linguist, Dr. Paul Pimsleur, the programs teach listeners to combine words and phrases to express themselves the way native speakers do.

English-Czech/Czech-English Dictionary English-Czech/Czech-English Dictionary (Josef Froněk)
A great 1200 page resource. It has declentions and conjugations for every word, tons of idioms and more.
Lonely Planet Czech Phrasebook Lonely Planet Czech Phrasebook: With Two-Way Dictionary (Lonely Planet Czech Phrasebook)

Textbooks - Grammar - Pronunciation

Not on

- 401 Czech Verbs by Bruce Davies and Jana Hejdukova
This book lists the conjugations of the most commonly used verbs together with precise definitions (both formal and colloquial), and examples of useage.

- Čeština Pro Cizince by Smičkova of my new favorites. No pronunciation, but English (and French!) is only used to provide word definitions. It gradually expands and explains the grammar in Czech.

- Eurotalk Interactive Talk Now - Learn Czech
...This is a CD based learning tool and is possibly one of the best very basic pronunciation tools and introductions to spoken Czech I have found. The CD uses memory games and testing to help you absorb vocabulary. It also has male and female readers to help you get used to hearing spoken Czech. This is a good system especially for those with no access to spoken Czech. The interactive nature of the course makes it feel conversational in nature. This is a very basic course but there is a new more advanced course out which I have not yet seen. A good buy!

- Přehledná Gramatika - Čeština (from infoa)
...a useful little book I carry with me when visiting Czech Republic.

- První čtení -
...a book that is used in the Czech school system to teach young students to read. You have to use it with a dictionary. Since it is written for young children it is not particularly complicated but exposes you to much grammar.
...One way I found useful to help learn Czech.

- Tracy's Tiger by Saroyan
...a children's book with English on the left page and Czech on the right page. This book is useful only after basics of grammar and pronunciation are mastered.

- Czech for You by Milena Kelly
...Another pretty good one--large-format textbook and a set of 8 (I believe it is) tapes.

Beginner's Czech
By Iva Černá, Jolann Machalek

This is a good light reference book with a little more focus on grammar which is essential. It has quite good grammar tables and dialogue.


- InFlight Czech
...a CD with many phrases. Good for hearing and pronunciation.

- Say It in Czech
...fits comfortably in your pocket. I carry it along so I always have something to study. I like it because of the sturdy binding.

- Hippocrene Language Studies Czech Phrase Book
...A good phrasebook based on topic areas with phonetic pronounciations. Mini-grammar section on the back of the book.

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