Czech Republic Trains

The train is a common means of transport in the Czech Republic. All Czech cities, towns and many villages have their train stations and are interconnected well enough to make train travel a convenient way of getting from one place to another. Czechia is also well connected with its neighboring countries and the train is often the fastest way to travel around the region.

Czech Pendolino TrainTrains in the Czech Republic are operated by České dráhy (Czech Railways), RegioJet, and Leo Express. České dráhy had a monopoly until 2011 and it is still the only operator that covers the entire territory of the Czech Republic. RegioJet brought a breath of fresh air to Czech train travel by offering a high level of service and comfort. It has become the second largest train operator in the country but only connects larger towns and cities. Leo Express started operating in 2012 and provides a third option, but with the most limited coverage.

Buying Train Tickets

Czech Railways
LEO Express TrainIt is usually not necessary to buy your train ticket in advance if you travel with Czech Railways. You can simply buy tickets at the train station before your trip, through the Můj vlak app or even on the train for an extra fee. You may want to buy a seat reservation with your ticket to make sure you can get a place to sit if the train is likely to be full, e.g. in peak commute times on Friday afternoons, Sunday afternoons, and Monday mornings. Visit or the above app to find information on domestic and international tickets and train connections, or to buy tickets.

RegioJet and LEO Express
If you plan to travel on a RegioJet or LEO Express train, you will be buying a ticket for a particular seat, so you will be guaranteed a place to sit. To buy a RegioJet or LEO Express train ticket, visit or or use their apps.

Train Schedules

Train schedules for all Czech train companies can be found at Each operator also lists their train schedules on their website or in their app.
Train Departure Schedule at a Prague Train Station

Czech Train Travel Dictionary

RegioJet Trainvlak - train
(vlakové) nádraží - (train) station
Odjezdy - Departures
Příjezdy - Arrivals
nástupiště - platform
zastávka - stop
jízdenka - ticket
jízdenky - tickets
místenka - seat reservation
pokladna - ticket window
povinně místenkový vlak - seat reservation is required on this train
neúplná cena - incomplete price (usually with international connections; may only show the cost of the ticket within Czechia, not past the border)
Vlak nečeká na žádné přípoje. - The train will not wait for any connections.