Czech Holidays and Traditions

February 2: Hromnice
Similar to Groundhog Day, Hromnice roughly marks the middle of winter and is linked to dozens of weather-related proverbs and predictions.

March 19: St. Joseph's Day
Josef used to be one of the most common Czech names and would spark annual celebrations around the nation in the past.

Read about Czech Easter customs, symbols, and the yearly Easter celebrations in Prague.

April 30: The Burning of the Witches
This peculiar Czech custom that says a final farewell to winter can still be witnessed in many Czech villages.

May 1: The Day of Love
May 1st is a day devoted to lovers and the Czech romantic poet Karel Hynek Mácha.

July 5: Day of Slavic Missionaries Cyril and Methodius
July 6: John Huss Commemoration

The "July holidays" honor three important names of Czech history.

November 2: All Souls' Day
Czechs visit cemeteries to remember and pay respects to their deceased loved ones.

December 5: St. Nicholas Tradition
St. Nicholas Day, an exciting holiday for children, reminds us that Christmas is not far.

December 24 - 26: Christmas
Learn about Czech Christmas customs and superstitions, see how the holidays are celebrated in Prague, and find out how to write your own Christmas card in Czech.

"Veselé Velikonoce!" (Happy Easter!)
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