Local Lingo - an extensive Czech language resource including an audio pronunciation guide, grammar overview, phrases, vocabulary and online exercises. From travel phrases to grammar instruction and message boards, Local Lingo is a perfect destination for both travelers and students of Czech.

ALTA Language Services - individual Czech language classes with a teacher through internet video-conferencing - this bidirectional dictionary has more than 140,000 entries with grammar, pronunciation, synonyms and example sentences and it is updated regularly and there is a forum where users can add their questions - website of the Bohemika publishing house, offering textbooks and audio tapes for learning Czech
Brown University On-Line Czech Literary Anthology - annotated anthology of selected Czech literary texts with Czech audio files and other tools for reading
Czech Language Training Around since 2001, this private language studio offers Czech courses for foreigners
Czech lessons for Russian speakers
Czech Primer - a fun site that teaches basic Czech words through a flashcard-style interface; don't miss Owen's monthly observations and tidbits regarding the Czech language and news
Czech Translation Service - professional translation services company offering Czech to English translation and English to Czech translation services on demand
Do You Want to Speak Czech? - Czech courses, textbooks and workbooks
ECTACO English-Czech-English Electronic Dictionary - more than 475,000 words, terms, phrases, and idioms
Empowerlingua - translation agency working in professional and technical areas such as the legal and financial industries in which they specialise
Language Door - small interactive Czech classes in Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego, California, from beginning to advanced levels
Slovní - a great online dictionary for Czech & English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, and other languages
Slovo dne - a great blog analyzing one Czech word or phrase per day; a fun and useful resource for students of the Czech language as well as for Czech speakers
Unforgettable Czech - downloadable "Linkword" Survival Czech Course developed by memory expert Michael Gruneberg

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