Food and Drink

Chefparade Cooking School - cooking classes in Prague; a variety of cuisines including Czech cuisine for foreigners

Becherovka - popular Czech herbal liquor made in Karlovy Vary
Carlsbad Mineral Waters - high quality mineral water Mattoni and Magnesia and spring water Aquila from Karlovy Vary
Czech Budweiser - the original budweiser
Mattoni Grand Drink - Mattoni-based mixed drink and cocktail recipes
Pilsner Urquell - the original pilsner from Plzeň
Prague Pubs - a fun, informative site with personal ratings of pubs in Prague's Old Town; pub database, pub crawl suggestions, Czech beer basics - online Czech cookbook (only in Czech)
Square Meal - Prague restaurant search and reservation system with reviews of some Prague restaurants; categorized by type of cuisine
Žufánek - small, familly-run producers of typical Czech spirits and liquors from Moravia (plum brandy, pear brandy, honey liquor, etc.)

Restaurants: Prague
Ambiente - a group of several international restaurants in Prague
The French and Pilsner Restaurants in the Municipal House - an upscale French restaurant in a beautiful Art Nouveau setting on the entry level; a Czech pub downstairs, serving Pilsner Urquell and Czech specialties, live music
Hergetova cihelna - Czech and international food served in a beautiful setting with a view of the Charles Bridge and Prague Castle
Kampa Park Restaurant & Bar - a high-end culinary delight at the foot of Charles Bridge
U Kašpárka - an excellent restaurant in Prague 10-Strašnice

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