Hamleys is a large British toy store. The Prague store is spread out on four floors and is located at Na Příkopě Street in downtown Prague. It is one of the biggest toy stores in Europe, so you and your kids are sure to find lots and lots of toys here! What makes Hamleys even more fun and definitely unique in Prague is the in-house attractions. Why take the stairs or use the elevator when you can slide down a cool tunnel slide? What about taking a ride on a retro carousel? Or would you rather get lost in a mirror maze? To slow down, you can visit a tropical butterfly house full of colorful, fluttering wings (be prepared to act as a landing spot for the occasional butterfly). One of the most popular attractions is the virtual reality area in the basement, which is great for older kids. To use the attractions, you'll need to buy a Hamleys card at the information booth and use it to pay for most attractions.

If your children get tired of sightseeing, Hamleys may be just the place for them to recharge. Just keep in mind that if you ever enter the store, you may not be able to get out for a while. :)

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