Prague Parks and Playgrounds

Stromovka ParkPrague has many parks, both in and outside of the center. There is always a peaceful place nearby to escape the crowds and noise of the city. Your children may appreciate sitting on a bench with an icecream cone or running along the park paths. Many parks also include children's playgrounds.

Parks in the City Center

Petřín Hill offers several child-friendly activities. Even if you don't make it up the hill, you can give your kids a good break at the playground that's on the bottom of the hill. It is accessible from Újezd Street and can be found between the funicular station and Hellichova Street.

Shooters Island PlaygroundFranciscan Garden
This is a peaceful garden behind Pasáž Světozor between Vodičkova Street and Jungmannovo Square, not far from Wenceslas Square. It is a pleasant area with paths and benches. There is a small children's playground with a sand box and swings.

Střelecký ostrov (Shooters Island)
Střelecký ostrov is a fun place to take your kids. There's lots of open space for them to run around and they can be entertained on the small obstacle-course playground. The setting on the river makes the location pleasant and the mature trees provide welcome shade in hot weather. There are public restrooms and a restaurant on the island (fined in 2019 for overcharging foreign tourists).

Slavic Island PlaygroundSlovanský ostrov (Slavic Island)
You'll find a nice playground between the Žofín Palace and Mánes building. It is best for smaller kids. 10-year olds won't find much to be excited about here. If you have the time, you can rent a pedal boat from one of the rental places that are right on Slavic Island.

Dětský ostrov (Children's Island)
As the name suggests, this place is kids' paradise. :) The large playground will entertain children of all ages with various playground equipment year round and water activities on hot summer days. The island sits right next to a boat lock and it can be exciting for children to watch a large boat squeeze by every now and then.

Parks Outside of the City Center

If you're staying in or near one of the areas below or if you would like to explore a quieter area, you can visit one of the following parks:

Letná ParkLetná Hill
This large park offers a nature escape, lots of walking and cycling paths, a real local experience of Prague, and one of the best views of the city. You can get to it from the Hradčanská metro station or by crossing the Čechův Bridge and climbing up the hill below the Metronome. Kids will enjoy Letná if they have something to ride - a bike, a scooter or rollerblades. There is a playground there for small kids. Because the park is popular with all kinds of riders on the weekends and during the summer, you'll want to keep an eye on your kids and make sure they don't get hit by a passing cyclist or skateboarder. Weekdays are quiet in the park. You'll find a fantastic view of Prague's bridges near the Hanavský Pavilion.

The PlanetariumStromovka is Prague's largest park and is designed in the style of an English garden. It is located by the Holešovice fairgrounds in Prague 7. The park dates back to the 13th century when it was used as the royal deer hunting field. It contains almost four kilometers of paths that are great for walking, rollerblading or bike riding, large grass areas where your kids can kick a ball or throw a frisbee, and several ponds (bring mosquito repellent if you'd like). You can connect your time at Stromovka with a visit to the Planetarium.

Riegrovy Sady
Riegrovy Sady is a large park that's very popular with the residents of Vinohrady and Žižkov who come here to relax, ride bikes, have a beer, and spend time with their kids at the very nice two-level playground. The park is located on a hill from where you can see the Prague Castle in the distance.

Havlíčkovy Sady (Grébovka)
Havlíčkovy Sady in Prague 2, commonly referred to as "Grébovka", is a very nice park to walk around, sit at a café, spend some time at the children's playground, or visit the grotto where your kids can explore the narrow passages. You can have a meal or coffee at the child-friendly café. In warm weather, you can sit at one of the outdoor tables and watch your kids play on the grass area in front.