Taking a Taxi from the Prague Airport

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First things first. Taking a taxi in Prague is not simple business. Please read our page Taking a Taxi to avoid getting ripped off and having a bad experience right after you step off your flight (it has happened to us).

Public Transport Booth at Prague AirportWhen you come out of the arrivals terminal, you will see several taxi stands along the curb, run by different companies. They are all clearly marked and easy to distinguish.

Our recommendation is to take AAA Radiotaxi. We've used them for years and have been very happy with their service and pricing. You should expect to pay around 500 - 600 CZK to get from the Prague airport to the center. Their cars should be readily available at the curb. If not, talk to the person in the AAA information booth located in the arrivals terminal. You should not need to call the dispatch center but just in case, their numbers are 140 14 or 222 333 222 (English spoken).

Another good Prague taxi company is City Taxi but they don't have a stand at the airport at the moment. You can either call them at 257 257 257 (English spoken) or order a pickup by sending an SMS to 777 257 257 in the following format: your name, pickup location, pickup time.