Český Krumlov (UNESCO)

The medieval town of Český Krumlov is located about 160 km/100 miles south of Prague. It is one of the most charming Czech towns and the picturesque beauty of its historical center draws visitors from all over the world. Český Krumlov was one of the first places in the Czech Republic that was listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Its architecture has been preserved through the ages thanks to the area's peaceful history.

The Castle and Chateau of Český Krumlov is the second largest castle complex in the country. Its exterior courtyards and
Italian-style gardens, as well as the rich interior rooms are well worth visiting, and the castle area and castle tower offer breathtaking views of the town and river below. The large gardens are beautifully maintained and are home to an outdoor theatre with a rotating auditorium, which can be turned during a play to follow acts performed in different areas of the park.

If you would like to visit Český Krumlov on your own, you can drive or take public transport. A bus ride from Prague takes 2.5 - 3 hours and the train takes about 2.5 hours, either directly or with a transfer in České Budějovice. To reach the center of town, you'll need to walk about 10 minutes from the bus station and 30 minutes from the train station. If you would like to spend a night, you can book a room at one of the many
hotels in Český Krumlov.

To have your whole trip taken care of, you can book one of the guided tours of Český Krumlov that include transportation from Prague.