16V 149 TIB DDEC 3 on dyno

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    This is one of the diesel engines that I love so much., that I refer to.

    16 cylinder 2 cycle, over head cams, bypass blowers, 4 turbo's , DDEC 3 electronic controle, duel ECM's, tube and shell oil cooler, 6 pack oil filters on the side. 10 inch I.D. exhaust flanges, SSCC with oversized intercoolers, guideless valve bridge, with small valve stems.
    Square bore design 5.75" Bore X 5.75'' stroke hence 149 cubic inches per cylinder. The 2200 hp version is 137.5 hp per hole and produces about 406 ft lbs of torque per hole. Fuel consumption per hr.100 gallons no problem at all. Alot of fuel flows through the injectors to keep them cool. The injectors are elecrtonic unit injectors. No rack to ajust, or mechanical lickages either.

    You should be there on a frack job with about 25 149's running, the ground shakes and vibrates. Cannot hear yourself think when their all running 10 inch straight exhaust stacks. This engine is a legend.

    Hp to weight ratio hard to beat. Engine weight approx 11000 lbs, 45 to 50 gallons oil. Oil needs to be changed at 300 hour intervals.


    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XZ41RFcE ... re=related

    I love those 149's just beautiful man! Just beautiful ! And if everything goes right, after 17 years of being a professional diesel technician,In August I will be running God's business full time. No longer a Big Diesel Engine Tech. :wink:
    Jsem going to miss working on those big engines :cry:

    This one is a naturaly aspirated, no turbo's
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFD96t0d ... re=related

    I will see if I can find a MTU 4000 and post it. The 149's are no longer being produced. The 4000's took it's place they are a four stroke engine.

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