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  1. Mraz

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    Can someone please translate this? It is an index to persons who are living or who once lived in the area of Cermna.

    frantisek motl a terezie pak od roku 1913, syn. v letech 1880 co dum. Vyhorelo za na jemce Skalickeho roku 1864. Prestaveno 1893. Ve valce zemrel vojin Josef Motl v Hlinsku

    Thank you very much,
  2. Karel Fous

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    Dear Mráz,
    The sentece probably is not well transcript, if it is a sentence. Sense is a little fuzzy, like some informations getting into a sentence, but usually stand single. It looks to me as some extracted sentences without connections from a memories or from chronicle.
    Translation is: Frantisek Motl and Terezie then to year 1913, son at years 1880 what house. (It) burned out during tennant (="najemce") Skalicky at year 1864. Re-buildt at 1893. At war died private Josef Motl at Hlinsko.
    (Hlinsko is town at west Moravia)
    Karel :)
  3. Karel Fous

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    I am sorry, Mraz, I found a mistake:
    , correct is Frantisek Motl and Terezie then from year 1913.
    Karel :roll:
  4. Mraz

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    Thank you very much for the translation! I have some old letters that I recenlty had translated and one of them mentions a fire.

    If I understand correclty, is it saying:

    The house burned when the tennant by the name of Skalicky was living there in 1864. It was rebuilt in 1893. Frank and Terezie lived there from 1880 to 1913 and Private Josef Motl, at Hlinsko, died in the war, or at the time of the war.

    Is that correct?

    Thank you very much for your help,

  5. Mraz

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    Can you please bother you for another translation?

    The index reads:

    1925 Frantisek Motl, syn, a Emilie rodem Jezkova z Brodu.

    1963 Frantisek Motl, duchodce, a Emilie rodem Jezkova z Brodu. Peclive upraveny domek se stodulkou, ma i vodovodi.

    1891 Cence Motl a Anna. Poslecne (spelling may be incorrect as it is not a very clear copy) tu kovaril/ tedy zde pred t'm bylo kovarstvi. Nebyli pry vyucenymi kovari. cel2li jen malickosti a opravovali kolovratky. Mala zdena kovarna stavala co je dnes svatnicka k ceste. Cc seslou ji rozborila Anna Silarova.

    1914 Jan Motl a Emilie.

    1926 Anna Silarova, kupem.

    1963 Josef Silar, syn, s matkou Annou Silarovou. Cele staveni zcene, kryte etomites

    The spelling may be off because the copy I have is hard to read in some areas. Also, I do not know how to place the proper dialect marks. I do not think my keyboard does that, or if it does I do not know how to make it work.

    Thank you very much for all your help.


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