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    I have been researching my Bohemian ancestry for several years. Those that I have been able to find with the help of local researchers are clustered north of Pilsen/SW of Prague in the villages of Kozlany, Hedcany, Petrovice, Holovousy, Hostokryje, and Slatiny.

    Surnames include Balschan, Fojt, Pastor, Pauby, Pazak, Schneider, Shubert, Zetek/Zettek. My mother was a Zettek.

    I believe my father's family is from the same general area, but I have been unable to learn anything about them beyond my grandfather, who emigrated to the Chicago area in the late 1880s. The surname is Krejsa.

    I visited the area in 2001 and will be returning in August 2009. I hope to visit the area again and photograph the ancestral homes as well as the villages. The researcher provided some house numbers.

    My paternal grandfather operated a saloon and restaurant in Niles, IL, back in the day. I am a miniaturist, and am working on a model of a Bohemian restaurant/tavern and small inn. I'll be photographing details of the places we stay while we are traveling with an eye to incorporating them into the 1:12 model. :)

    I was delighted to find this forum and spent a goodly amount of time reading posts before subscribing. It's nice find so many kindred spirits.
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    I come from Pilsen originally and one of my schoolfriends was Šubrt and another one was Šnajdr (both names written the Czech way). So it's possible I went to school with your distant relatives! Anyway, good luck with your research and enjoy your time in the Czech Republic!

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