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  1. silverbabe

    silverbabe New Member

    I'm a czech girl living in the US for 7 years now...i'm 17...I want to find more people my age to talk to about czech...
    my e-mail silverbabe@juno.com

  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Nazdar Silverbabe!, My name is Maraczech Daraczech. My Mum is Czech. I live in Liverpool and i'm 22. I'm a Firefighter for a living and I love my job. Im longing to speak czech as I have been there many times to visit friends and relatives. If you are interested then get back 2 me @ bigfireman1@yahoo.com

    I hope the name at the top translates well it was my nickname as a child!

    AHOJ SILVERBABE!!!!!xxxxxx
  3. shorty

    shorty New Member

    I'm 16 and my background is czech i live in canada and would like to find out more about the language because i will be going there for 1 month in May so if you wanna talk e-mail me at skaterchick_1999@hotmail.com

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