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    Good news for those traveling abroad, the eletricity competabillity has finally been solved!... All new/recently (in the last 12-18 months) manufactured electric devices -- laptops, shavers, hair driers, curllers , coffee pots, TV's, radios, chargers and irons, etc -- are now fully competible with European/Czech electric current!...

    When purchasing or if you already have one at home, just check and make sure the the current/electric requirements printed on the device states; 100-240 V AC (or something close like 115-220 VAC ), and then all you need is a electric travel plug kit, Radio Shack carries ( assortment of all (5) European outlets types) for about $2.95.

    Then all you do, is select the plug that matches the one you are confronting, in whatever country you are in, plug in your device US on the other side and then plug the entire gizzmo into the wall outlet facing you, and you are in business!..

    The electricity differntial is sensed and converted automatically -- no switches, transformers -- What will happen to the tranformer inventory Czech/European busineesses have at hand who knows?.

    Maybe that is why Travelocity is now advertizing on American TV; "American appliances do not work in Europe", in a cartoon where their logo wizzard is zapped, when he plugs in the device.

    Amazing what people will do for money, even send out false infromation intentionally just to make a few dishonest bucks (globalization?)...

    When I was visiting there last Spring, did not pay attention and was stupid enough to take the advice of a clever Czech business man. To charge my laptop, I was miss informed and sold a heavy transformer. My stupidity, cost me 950Kc.

    Hence, just make certain your electric appliance/device/gizzmo is marked with the electric current requirement as: 100-240VAC and you are all set. Forget the Hz difference (50 vs. 60), for that only affects timeing devices (your clock will run faster, that is all, and not blow up. Have a nice trip, and spend the extra cash on beer. Even splurge and order a 12% if that is your bag -- make certain you ask for a 12%, if not, the waiter will sneek in a 10% and still charge you for a 12...

    Life can be fun, if you do not take it too seriously


    PS. Just out of spite, I'll not spell check it, so Susan can judge...
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    No judging, Viktor!

    Eye try knot two spend thyme worrying about the miss steaks of otters.



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