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    I met the most wonderful person from Czech Rep. this summer (2 of them actually). Due to the language barrier, it took us much time to talk about anything but it was great !! Anyway, I was do the people of the Czech Republic (in general)feel about Americans? I have read everything I can find to read but it is really hard to tell if we (as americans) are more conservative/liberal/just crazy or what?? in the eyes of the Czechs. Maybe they don't care one way or the other, I am just curious. Thanks.

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    I have spent time in Prague and how found the Czech people quite charming. They do seem to take awhile to warm up to us...

    Here is a web address of something you may be interested in reading.

    This student moved to Prague and spent his time hunting for Americans living in or around Prague and wrote his thesis on their experiences god or bad. The address is where you can read it. (You may want to just print it.... It's several pages in length.)
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    The web link indicated here is broken... ;-)

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