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  1. Harry

    Harry Active Member

    Does anybody know of agencies that cover Brno? I've had no problem in other European cities but this time it's proving difficult. :(
  2. Anduska

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    Hi Harry:

    It is well known that Brno is less international city than our capital Prague. I had the same problem with posting our appartment rent offer in English language. We will be renting our brand new appartment but anaway we prefer long terms. If you need some help on CZ you can write me at: anna_macku@hotmail.com

    In case of short term accomodation and money budgeting I would reccomend to search for "privaty v Brne" or "ubytovny v Brne" "pensiony v Brne" - usually private houses which offer the rooms for rent. In some places there could be a problem with not knowing any Czech language. (

    Here are some contacts:
    1) Short term accomodation for Brno visitor- 3 double rooms, shared bathroom, near city public transportation - located in Brno-Bystrc
    http://www.pensionhotel.cz/cz/hotel/ind ... =ubytovani

    2) Here is the list as well as price list of hotels and motels situated in Brno

    Good luck,

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