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    I would like to know anyone who is related to this family in Praha and surounding area.This is my mothers father and mother. My great grandparents. I have some prints of his paintings but would like to see more. I live in Alberta, Canada. My fathers name was Joseph Novotny and his parents were Ignas and Apollena Novotny. I would like to know anyone from that family too. Thank you.
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    My half sister in Praha was married to a Novotny - since deceased. Not sure if this is the same Novotny family you are looking for. I will e-mail your post to my niece (my sister's daughter) and see if there is a relationship to you.
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    Here is my niece's response to my inquiry of the Novotny name:

    The name Novotny is one of the very used and extensive. My Grandfather Josef Novotny was from Horice- Chlum, his brother Frantisek died in the 1st World War ( 1916 ?). His father had a sister, but she wasn't Novotny then (married). Some distance relations lived in Hradec Kralove. I think, we are not relation with those people from Canada
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    9.V.2007 census: 24 233 males with surname "Novotný". 3rd most "popular", similar to english "Newman"

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