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Discussion in 'General Language' started by climbergirl, Sep 3, 2004.

  1. climbergirl

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    Does anyone know how I can get books written in Czech? My Czech is a little rusty (my brother insists I have a funny English accent) but I'd still much rather read Kundera in the original than some English translation. Surprisingly enough, the local Bay area libraries have no Czech sections, and I've had limited success with Amazon. Their search is difficult to sift through in original language sections.. Anyone have any website suggestions?

    Vanda :D
  2. Eva2

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  3. jarda9

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    good question..i spent some time searching among .cz sites for such a service youre looking for. and i wasnt succesful :-/ do you think that many people are looking for something like this? maybe the best way could be ask someone to buy some books in any shop to send them to you.
  4. TTC

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    Try, This website is in a czech childrens book that I have. It looks like it is from the publisher.
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    Unfortunately Kundera writes only in french now. I think he even didnt allow translations of his new books into czech. :roll:
    But his older books are good as well


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