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    Hmph, some frat boys are now suing the studio for "emotional and physical [ :?: ] anguish" because they got all drunk and said some stupid stuff on camera. Figures. The only part of their complaint that I agree with is that they were drunk before they signed the waiver so it shouldn't be valid. But for the love of all things holy, alcohol does not make you racist and/or sexist, it just makes you more likely to admit it. The only ones those fools have to blame are themselves.

    Also, in case anyone is interested, this article points out some of the exaggerations and falsehoods (and truths) that show up in the movie.
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    I have read both these articles too. I think the problem with the frat boys is their daddies are now afraid that they'll be embarassed at the country clubs. It was probably their daddies that instilled the racist and sexist attitudes into these "trust fund babies" in the first place.
    They don't have a case! Probably one of the daddies is a lawyer and he'll find a loophole. If, and I mean big fat if, they were to win a lawsuit the boys should donate all the money to a battered woman's shelter.
    I can't believe how popular a comedy movie has become, that people all over are talking about it. Look at all the related articles that had links on the page that Ceit gave a link to. Here we all are talking about it on a Czech website and he's not Czech, Borat or Sasha Cohen.
    I will be seeing the movie tomorow. I can't wait :lol: !
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