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Discussion in 'Expat Life' started by Polednikova, Jan 29, 2007.

  1. Polednikova

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    I've now been in Prague for a month and the only thing I miss - apart from Corrie (Brits will now what I mean!) - is my car. I know the public transport here is wonderful but I do miss doing a big weekly shop - lugging heavy shopping on the tram is getting a bit of a pain.

    I am thinking about driving my car over via the Euro Tunnel. We drove a van with all our possessions over in December and it was easy enough but what I need to know is about the 'status' of my car.

    I know I am ok to drive on my British driving licence and that I will need to get a motorway sticker. But am I alright on UK insurance, providing I tell my insurance company what I am doing? Or do I have to get Czech insurance? Do I have to register the car here? If so, who with? Pay a Czech equivalent of UK road fund tax? Anything else? And is there a Czech equivalent of the RAC?

    I know driving a right hand drive will be tricky but I just want it for runs to Letnany/Chodov for the shopping and trips out of Prague - driving on the motorway is easy. If you can drive in London, you can drive anywhere!
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    If you are living in Czech republik for more than 185 days in a calendar year you are obliged to register your car in the town you stay. Then you have also to pay Czech (obligatory third party risk) insurance (contract with one of the licensed insurance companies). If your stay is shorter, your British registration and insurance is sufficient. How your insurance company will cover the damage of your car is a question of your insurance contract. Here are the registration places in Prague. You need the motorway sticker only if you use the motorway, not in a city or on normal roads.
  3. Karel_lerak

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    There is no road fund tax in Czechia. There exists Autoklub České republiky, it's difficult to say it's equivalent of RAC :), the RAC has wider scope of activities.
    If you are looking for insurance, you have to try different insurance companies.
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    Well I have some personal experiences which I think will convince you that it is not worth the hassles.

    Firstly most UK insurance companies will only give you cover for upto 90 day in the EU countriesin any one calendar year, so after that time you have big problem.

    You cannot get you right-hand drive car registered in Czech Republic because it does not meet their laws ie it is not left-hand drive!!!!!!!!

    So one method is to pay to have car converted which will cost you more than your car is probably worth.

    However, if you were or are a member of Civil Service a company called Frizzells will insure you for upto 6 months in any one calendar year. I have tried all avenues to get the obligatory Czech insurance (obligatory third party risk) but again no one will consider UK plates.

    Next problem is that if your car is subject to MOT laws then you must take it back to UK to comply and then obtain the relevant tax disc etc.I

    I have been here in Czech Republic since beginning ofSept, so I am reaching stage where I will have to return home and get my car re-taxed and MOTd, so I am considering selling my car back in UK and then buying a left-hand drive vehicle and save al the agro. I f I had known these pitfalls before I started this venture then its one I would not have embarked upon. The fact that we are all EU members does not even enter into the argument.

  5. Polednikova

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    Thanks everyone. All very interesting and helpful.

    Mike: since posting this enquiry, I've learned that since 1 July last year, any vehicle that has previously been registered in any other EU country can be registered here, including rhd cars. So that wouldn't necessarily be a problem.

    However, I do appreciate that there's a lot of faffing about involved, and that's without worrying about breaking down in Germany on the way! Incidentally, I would be driving on the motorway in the CR before I get to Prague, which is why I mentioned I realised I would need the m'way sticker. And anyway, one of the main reasons I want a car, apart from the shopping problem, is to drive around the country.

    So on balance then, I probably won't bother and will try to sell it in London, which will also be a performance but at least it'll be a one-off!
  6. mike_jtw

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    I would be very interested in your source of information and also the official document that states this information, since I have been to police and all manner of different agencies and thus my post.

    But if this is true then it might solve my problems so any help would be much appreciated.

  7. Polednikova

    Polednikova Well-Known Member

    I asked the same question on expats and one of the contributors seemed very sure about it. Have a look - if you can't find it, come back to me.

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