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Discussion in 'Travel Tips & Advice' started by Dylan Thermos, Sep 9, 2005.

  1. Dylan Thermos

    Dylan Thermos Member

    Hi Everyone,
    Tonight on UK. television a documentary was shown on Prague.
    It featured many British Stag parties and to be honest I was ashamed!
    Their behavior was disgusting and obscene. Not every one in UK wants to visit the beautiful city of Prague and get drunk out of their minds!
    I am visiting in November and will have some drinks but will definitely not be visiting strip clubs, pole dancing bars or brothels.
    I think it is time something was done to erradicate this yob culture from society. Beidorm did it in the eighties and is now a place that people feel safe to visit.
    I realise that the income from these yobs is important but I want to stress that not all Brits are like this.
    Some, like our party are coming to see the wonderful sights and meet local people. I try to do this when I visit any country.
    This programme would not be shown in Prague but I wish it were.
    The interviewer asked one leading Czech if Prague was going to be the next Amsterdam? He said that he thought it was! What a pity?
    Still, I will come and enjoy my time there and appreciate all the good things that Prague has to offer.......Dylan(Wales)
  2. Malnik

    Malnik Well-Known Member

    Whoa...... STOP!

    If you listened you would have heard that 1 in 10 go on a stag party. The tours are put together by Czechs - if they didnt like it they would stop offering them as destinations for stag party types. They stay in Hotels owned and run by Czechs.
    The guy offering unlimited sex for 8 sorry as he insisted, "less than 8 Pounds", stated that only 20% of the visitors to his sad establishment were Brits. And it was him that named it as the "Sex Capital" of europe. Well he would wouldn't he.

    All in all it was a non story trying to clamber on the back of the "rebel/lout" band wagon.

    As for the leading Czech, (is there only 1 they could find?), its 1 mans opinion over a drink.......and he was probably paid to voice it and with selective editing, who knows what he really said. The local official man, he said it was no problem.

    Dont lets forget that the locals like a drink too. And sex. And dancing. Young Czechs are no different to young Brits/Aussies/Germans/Italians......if someone offers the service they expect to sell it - they dont mind who to.

  3. gementricxs

    gementricxs Well-Known Member

    What was the name of the show? Can I download it somewhere?
  4. Dana

    Dana Well-Known Member

    Sorry Mal, but the situation is not as innocent as you think or try to make it look. To prevent any misunderstanding, let me start off by saying that there are lots and lots of British people who come to Prague with real interest in the city, its sights, history, etc. and, thankfully, these form the majority of British visitors to Prague and are very welcome here. It may be those 90% that you mentioned. Unfortunately, the remaining 10% certainly do their job to stand out in the crowd.

    British stag parties do present a problem in Prague. These people can be extremely annoying, loud and obscene, shouting in drunken stupor on the Old Town Square in the middle of the day with their shirts off, showing no respect whatsoever for the city or the people around them. They come to Prague for the cheap beer and cheap sex and leave without even knowing that there is a castle in town. In addition, 20% of all weekend crime in Prague supposedly involves British men on stag nights. This is taken from an article that was published on last October and can be found here:

    Prague plans a crackdown on the drunken Britons turning it into Europe's stag night capital

    I would be very glad if something was done to eliminate this recent phenomenon of "Prague tourism" but, as you pointed out, it's all about money and where there's demand, there's supply - at least until laws are put in place and enforced.
  5. wissy

    wissy Well-Known Member

    When i was in Prague a couple of weeks ago i encountered a stag group of Brits trouping along Karlova, shouting ,swearing and leering at the local girls. As an Englishman i felt truely ashamed at how my fellow countrymen were behaving. They were obviously very drunk. By the way...this was at 10.00 in the morning. They probably hadn't even been to bed!

  6. Malnik

    Malnik Well-Known Member

    I'm not offering excuses for the slob behaviour.
    But the only people that can stop it are the Czech hoteliers, club owners and police.
    Who offers them rooms? Who keeps selling them drinks? Who offers to sell their bodies? Who ignores them when they commit an offence?
    If they dont have the incentive to stop it they wont. Money talks.
    And the club owner was very proud to be called the sex capital of Europe.

    As an aside.....I went on holiday with a Czech tour operator from Brno to Italy this year (again). On the beach in Italy (small provincial town), it stated that no topless sunbathing was allowed. The Czech representatives told everyone its illegal and they can be fined. The locals all followed this law.
    But all the Czech girls said how stupid it was (and perhaps it was but its the local law) and paraded around topless, not just on the beach but walking around as well in the beach area. When they were asked not to they said why should they. (Didnt bother me......!!).
    The locals sorted it out. They called the local cop guy who arrived in his Fiat and sat (sweating) at the beach all day issuing tickets and instant fines. They got the message.They didnt like it but complied.

    I guess this is whats needed in Prague - zero tolerance of any anti social behaviour.

    Are we suggesting here that locals dont get plastered and abusive? Thats not my experience. I went to the railway station after a 21:30 flight from UK and it was a frightening place. Never again for me.

    I sympathise with the Prague people, but the answer is in your hands. There was a local councilor guy on and he said he didnt think it was a problem. Perhaps he is the first place to make a change!

  7. Malnik

    Malnik Well-Known Member

    Sorry for an extra one.....

    Dana I just read that report and a few linked to it. I see it was nearly a year ago and they are saying new laws about prostitutes, drinking in public etc were to be introduced. Have they been introduced yet - surely a year on it must have been time? The links show a representaive from Czech Tourism saying its all Ok. Typical government - on a nother planet.

    Have they stopped the German sex trade near the border with the young girls? I'm a long way from that area so only saw a few stories but no follow up.

  8. mravenec

    mravenec Well-Known Member

    Sorry, i haven't yet read all the posts above but...

    British stag nights in Prague are a real pain! Large groups of drunk men shouting are always something to avoid and these Brits are very intimidating, forming groups of about 20, being drunk at lunchtime (and that's just the start)!

    Although i'm used to drunk Brits (and the British way of drinking - no i'm not referrring to the quiet evening drink, but the spectacular binging which is so cherished in British 'culture'...), i always try to avoid these groups, taking a different route to where i'm going. For Czech (who often do not now what is being shouted) and quiet tourists, loving couples, old people and families with children this must be a real horror. :evil: :cry:
  9. mravenec

    mravenec Well-Known Member

    Well, there might be a lot of mildly drunk Czechs lurking about in the afternoon, but i've never heard them screaming or shouting. Drunk Brits really DO stand out. Germans and Italians are much more restrained (and most probably do not drink as much). Only Americans can be louder. But they are not drunk. They'll not shout 'I'll fucking kill that bastard!' but rather 'Wow, look at that building, it must be very old!'...
  10. Dana

    Dana Well-Known Member

    Absolutely! Laws need to be put into place and enforced! So we're talking about the government and police not doing their job as is so typical in this country.

    I don't know what progress has been made except that there's a new law now that wants to legalize prostitution in the Czech Republic, thereby bringing it under control - or that's the idea behind it. All prostitutes would have to register with their local authorities, have regular medical checkups, they'd be brought in from the streets into brothels, etc. Those who oppose the law say that it will never work because the majority of prostitutes won't want to register in their home town or district where people know them and their "profession" would become publicly known. So the idea's good, but implementation is another story.
  11. frenchczech

    frenchczech Member

    German and Brits are awful in Prague, they want only 2 things, sex and beer! I think it's not a good thing for Prague, of course they bring a lot of money but also a lot of problems! I would like that the czech gouvernment find a solution but I don't believe in it. They must know that Prague is one of most beautiful town of Europe! The brits are the worst because they are so impolite! My girlfriend have a lot of problems with them!
    Brits, you are not in a zoo!!! :evil:
  12. Dylan Thermos

    Dylan Thermos Member

    I didn't want to upset anyone by posting my views on the programme aired yesterday.
    When I saw it I was dissapointed with the behavior of these people and realise that there are good and bad in all races. I could even believe that a lot of these stag parties are reasonably behaved and don't want any trouble. Unfortunately, as in most city centres in the UK. on a Saturday night anything seems to go. Violence abounds especially at the taxi rank.
    Ordinary families with children steer clear because they feel intimidated. Twenty drunk youths shouting and swearing is not something I would like to contend with late at night.
    They probably don't even know that they make people feel threatened.
    As the locals do I will be avoiding these youths and visiting Czech establishments away from the city centre............Dylan(Wales)
  13. mravenec

    mravenec Well-Known Member


    I hope you're not put off visiting Prague because of your fellow (English?) landsmen. Thanks for bringing up the subject, and i still have to say that the habit of heavy drinking does present a problem in continental Europe where restrained drinking is more a part of every-day life than a week-end booze-up. Still, for most people, drunk Brits are only annoying and not a real threat... Nevertheless, a lot of locals and tourists would be happy if yous could keep it a bit more quiet at least in the afternoon... :roll:
  14. Malnik

    Malnik Well-Known Member

    You didnt upset anyone. I love a good discussion.
    Figures show that Czechs actually drink more, from a younger age than Brits.....they obviously drink more often in smaller amounts.
    When you visit, dont avoid these areas - if you do they win.
    And they aren't youths. Dont lets give them that excuse. They are supposedly "grown men". When our wonderful footballers go on a binge and fight, scream, curse and go for a roast, we are asked to excuse them as they are only young and exuberant. I thought people over 18 were men, not youths. Another excuse.

    As an aside - i was interested that despite asking just about everyone, they couldn't get anyone to actually go to a brothel!! If i remember right, every bloke said no thanks im married and the only one who saw a naked woman was the guy tricked into it......... Perhaps there is hope!!

    All the best to Wales.....

  15. Dylan Thermos

    Dylan Thermos Member

    Firstly I am not an Englishman. To a Welshman this is a big insult! I suppose an Englishman would be insulted if you called him Welsh? Would a Czech be insulted if you called him Polish? I tend to think he would.
    In UK. there are four countries. England, Ireland(North and South), Scotland and Wales.All are seperate countries and all are patriotic to their own kind.It's a mistake that a lot of people make but not the end of the world.
    I suppose when I was a lot younger I used to go out and drink too much I think it's a phase all youngsters go through. Although today it seems to be so much more intimidating, it must be my age showing.(I'm a guitar playing over fifty having a great time in my life!)
    You are correct when you say not to let these idiots ruin my holiday and I certainly won't let them. One good thing is that my stay will be over Sunday to Wednesday so the Stag Parties will all be on their way home by the time we get there.
    I am not put off in the least and am really looking forward to visit even more........roll on November 13Th....Roll on Prague.........Dylan(Wales)
  16. mravenec

    mravenec Well-Known Member

    I wasn't suggesting you were! It just crossed my mind that maybe these 'youths' were English rather than Welsh or Scottish.
    ...and of course they're not youths, they are in their 20s and should know to behave better!

    That's the spirit!

    I wouldn't avoid going anywhere in Prague, the great majority of visitors (and locals) are decent and friendly people. And even if the behaviour of some visiting Brits is disturbing, you're quite unlikely to run in to them - Prague is a big place.
  17. Zeisig

    Zeisig Well-Known Member

    To an Irishman this can be a big insult! √Čire/Ireland is not a part of the UK of GB and Nothern Ireland.
  18. Dylan Thermos

    Dylan Thermos Member

    Hi Zeisig,
    I'm afraid I have to correct you. Ireland is a part of the UK.
    Northern Ireland people consider themselves part of Great Britain and affiliate themselves to the Queen.
    Southern Irish people consider that they are a seperate country and have always done so.(thats why there have been unrest there for so long)
    Without getting into the politics of it all I tend to think of it in this way;
    Celtic countries are Wales, Ireland and Scotland. England is not Celtic.
    My history was never my strong point but I think they were a mixture of Normans/Romans/French a sort of conglomerate.(If I am wrong, someone will tell me I'm sure).............Dylan(Wales)
  19. mravenec

    mravenec Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry, but I think I'll have to correct you! Ireland is not a part of the UK. The Republic of Ireland (ie 'Ireland') is an independent country like Slovakia or any other country in the EU. Northern Ireland is a part of the UK (open your passport and read and you'll see i'm right).

    People in Northern Ireland have mixed feelings (to say the least) about belonging to the UK, some wishing to 'affiliate themselves to the Queen', as you put it, but many others would rather belong to the Republic of Ireland (and a few don't give a heck).
  20. To Dana:
    I was curious about what the name DANA meant. My father and brother had that name in the United States but no one ever ascribed a meaning to it. I saw it once in a hotel guest book in Dubrovnik, which suggested " name" or "signature." [ dana: ............. ] I never did clear the matter up.

    Do you know about this?

    To Dylan Thermos: Your hero [Dylan Thomas] died a drunk at the age of 39. He was a lush before that. Maybe you know that. He wrote great verse but his life was ruined by drink. He did not speak Welsh I hear from Welshmen. So he was not the Welsh poet in the sense of language, although he lived in lived in Wales for a time at a place provided for him. Perhaps, you should take another avatar. How about Dr. D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones? Do you know about him?

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