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    When I was in Prague in September, a Czech friend of mine introduced me to a type of wine that is called "burchak" in Czech. It's only available in September because it's made from the first crush of grapes. The grapes are basically still fermenting as you drink it so it tastes a little bit like grape soda - it's all bubbly and really tasty! It doesn't have as much alcohol as regular wine and you can actually buy it on the street and walk around with it, sipping it from a plastic cup. It's really neat!
  2. Julie

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    Yes, I had burcak in Prague last fall! It was served at a wine harvest festival. It doesn't look very appetizing but I thought it tasted great!
  3. Halef

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    Yes, burčák... I just hate the waiting, there will be half a year of work in the wineyard before I can drink it again :)

    Just be careful with buying it on streets - the proper burčák is a matter of several hours, and it does not like transport. I would recommend buying it in established wine shops, or better - visit Southern Moravia :eek:)

    The mixture sold in on-street stands often contains some water (to spare wine) and sugar (to prolonge the fermentation).
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    I was in CZ last fall and burčák was one of my favorite drinks. I just wish it didn't need to be refridgerated so I could have brought some back with me. Does anybody know how it's made? I would even grow grapes here if someone could just tell me how to make it. Any ideas?
  5. Halef

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    Many ideas, I make burčák every year.

    It is quite simple - burčák is the stage between grapes and wine.
    After pressing the grapes, the juice starts to ferment. You just have to keep it in a demijohn and wait :) The time depends on the amount of sugar in the juice, temperature, kind of grapes etc., so it is not fixed. Usually it takes about two days, then you have to check every few minutes to catch it :)
  6. supershalin80

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    Gee that doesn't sound so hard. Now I just need to grow some grapes, press them, let them ferment, and figure out what a demijohn is and I'm all set :wink: Thanks for the info but I might wait until I get a chance to see it done over there so I don't poison myself and anyone else.
  7. Halef

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  8. Dana

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    Ahoj Halef!

    Well, if you make your own burčák, then my husband and I will have to come visit you this fall. We'll bring our own demižon. :)
  9. telur

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    oh.. burcak??
    i tasted it in Carlstejn.. couple days ago...
    i'm new to this so called "burcak", i couldn't distinguish different taste between the white burcak and the red one.. could you?? :)
  10. Klaro

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    Yeah I did the burčák walk about 3 years ago. I am going to go again this year. I know its on in October, but does anyone know exactly when? It such fun.
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    Isn't burcak young wine?
    I tasted in a festival but it was terrible.I prefer old wine :)
  12. stepan

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    Yes, I like my wine aged and my women young. :lol:
  13. roxelanne

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    hehe Ano. I am sure they are best couple :wink:
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    Well, I had few bottles of burcak this autumn. I love its taste, but I dont like to smell it...

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