Call Center position looking for native english. Brno

Discussion in 'Jobs Offered' started by Jaybyers, Aug 21, 2007.

  1. Jaybyers

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    This is a great opportunity for native english speakers.

    It's a small but fast growing team of mainly expats who need to earn a living during their stay in the Czech Republic. We're looking for people with a good positive attitude and a sense of humor also. We always have fun and have great incentives, for example I was given a MP3 Video player! There are also talks of Laptops as incentives for the best performers. Aswell as great incentives there is a good bonus scheme where you can be taking in an extra 10,000 crowns a month! The bonus gets bigger the more you achieve.

    You will be calling people in the UK of a massive Broadband supplier offering extra services to customers or broadband to non customers.

    The pay you're looking at is about 19,000 Czech crowns a month before bonus which is a great wage for the Brno area. To give you an idea for those who do not currently live in Brno, accommodation is very cheap and food and drink is cheaper than in Praha.

    The job is in the center of Brno right next to the main station (hlavni nadrazi) there are lots of nice places to go on your breaks. I should also mention the team consists of some great friendly people and management
    is also very nice and not at all stressful, which makes a great environment!

    If you are interested in becoming part of a very important team email me at with details of location and contact information and we'll get back to you soon!

    Have fun!
  2. durk

    durk Well-Known Member

    Nah it's not that greatly paid. But for people with no qualification I guess it's not that bad.
  3. brnoyank

    brnoyank Member

    19,000 is a peasant's wage. Good luck with that. lol

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