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    I'm planning to spend the day in Cesky Krumlov but I can't seem to find to much info on the town. Could anyone recommend things worth seeing, any festivals going on in November and also a good place to eat. Does anyone know how long a train ride from Bratislava to Cesky Krumlov in terms of hours is?
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    A great website to find a lot of information is the official Cesky Krumlov website at www.ckrumlov.cz. It is also in English.
    There are a lot of good places to eat in Cesky Krumlov. One really interesting place is the Krcma Satlava on Satlavska street near the main square, tel. (+420) 337-713344. The name of the place means "jail/prison". It is located in a medieval "cellar" and serves medieval food and beer in the light of fire and candles. It can be hard to get in, so you may want to drop in, see if you like it and try making a reservation. Another restaurant that serves wonderful Czech food is on Kajovska street, almost across the street from the Penzion Na Louzi. I don't remember the name of the restaurant but it shouldn't be hard to find. It has a very nice and interesting interior and a lot of seating so you may not need a reservation. If you like goulash soup, they make the best!
    A train ride from Bratislava to Cesky Krumlov takes from 8 to 10.5 hours. The train goes either through Brno or through Vienna. There are 5 connections, leaving Bratislava at 7:07 a.m., 11:56 a.m., 1:00 p.m., 1:03 p.m., and 11:55 p.m. You can get detailed schedules at the Czech Railways site at www.cdrail.cz
    Have a great time in Krumlov!

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