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    I live in Sunset Beach California. Iam going to Europe early next year. I was wondering if I could get some travel tips (such as places to go / activities / lodging / etc.). Also, are the people nice in the towns? Someone told me some of the natives are rude. Being in California I have czech friends, but am concerned about Eastern Europe (being a American). Please advise if possible. Thanks
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    Hi Johnny!

    For lodgings, food and places to see consult this website or buy a guidebook (i.e. Lonely Planet). As for what to expect from the Czechs, go to the homepage and click on Your Czech Republic. You'll find posts from foreign visitors and their evaluation of their trip to CR.

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    Hi Johnny,

    Just a couple of links:

    I don't think you need to be concerned about visiting the Czech Republic or Europe in general. It's true that people here show their feelings more openly than in the U.S., so if someone is having a bad day, you may well be made aware of it, but Czechs are generally good and friendly people. I think you'll have a great time on your trip.


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    Thanks for the response. I'll use the links to my advantage. If you ever come to California / Las Vegas - I can provide similar assistance. I just want the assurance that Czech is not Anti-American (especially with the war going on.

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