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  1. tonyobrien

    tonyobrien New Member


    We are travelling to Prague on Tuesday.
    Our travel agents recommended we take Euros.
    Is this correct, or should we have Koruna?
  2. EmpirePub

    EmpirePub New Member


    only large supermarkets, usually in the outskirts, take Euros.
    You can pay with Euros in some pubs, too,
    Most shops and pubs take only Crowns.

    1 Euro = 32 Crowns
    1 Beer = 20 - 25 Crowns
    1 Bottle (1,5 litre) of drinking water = 15 - 20 Crowns

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  3. tonyobrien

    tonyobrien New Member

    Thanks EmpirePub

    Looks like we'll have to change our Euros into Crowns :roll:

    Typical Travel Agents - that's two lots of exchange commission lost! :x
  4. Tristan

    Tristan Active Member

    Be carefull if you're planning to exchange your Euros into Koruna in one of many exchange offices existing everywhere in the Czech Republic - they have REALLY weird exchange rates policies. Be sure they tell you how much comission fee will they take for the amount you wanna exchange.

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